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  1. Want to teach at the 2015 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive? Applications due November 1, 2014
  2. Looking for a bellydancer in West Chester, PA or surrounding area
  3. Leila Farid DC, NYC, Florida, Ohio Workshops: Jan 2015
  4. Teacher Application for My Orlando Studio in 2015
  5. Dubai agency
  6. So, You Think You Can Belly Dance? Contest, Las Vegas Sept 4-7, 2014
  7. On-Line Teacher Application for the Austin Belly Dance Convention
  8. Belly Dance Camp in New York State 7-13 July 2014
  9. We are looking belly dancer for the UAE
  10. Competitiors Wanted for June 7, 2014 LA area, BDUC event!
  11. 2014 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Pro-Show Online Auditions--April 5th Deadline
  12. Calling Presenters, Competitors!
  13. Perform on our festival stage at the 2014 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive
  14. Casting for Professional Belly Dancers and Tribal Dancers - Paid Production Opportunity
  15. Leila Farid in Wash DC 14-16 March 2014 - New Music CD!
  16. Do you teach workshops? Wanna host each other? :)
  17. Las Vegas Dancers -Teddy's Bistro
  18. ISO drop-in or short session classes - San Francisco Bay
  19. The online application to teach at the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive® is closed
  20. How to have a chance to perform abroad?
  21. CASTING CALL - Established LOS ANGELES Dance Company seeks Bellydancers for representation & management - training, performance opportunities, paid shows
  22. Dancers in Dubai?
  23. Mahira's Summer Shimmy Bellydance Show/Hafla (Chicago burbs, IL) 8/24/13
  24. Looking for Sponsors for out of country dancer
  25. Private Lesson or Workshop in Hampton Roads, Virginia?
  26. 2013 Jewel of the Sierra Bellydance Competition September 14-15, 2013
  27. Casting Call. Will pay travel and accommodations for the right dancers
  28. looking for classes/ teacher!
  29. Looking for contract to start after Ramadan
  30. Tito Seif at Zikrayat in Phoenix, Arizona! Oct 12th & 13th
  31. Leila Molaei in NYC, June 15-16th: "The Gypsies: Dances of Iraq and beyond"!
  32. Ft Collins, Colorado
  33. Leila Farid coming to Washington DC Aug 3-4
  34. Dancers needed for the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade April 27th!
  35. Audition for An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance (EEMED) concert
  36. Is this costume of Didem's a Bella?
  37. Performance Opportunities at the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive™ now OPEN
  38. 15th Annual Market at the Casbah Festival - April 13, 2013 in Southern California!
  39. 40th Annual Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant - Only one Troupe slot left!!
  40. A'isha Azar in NYC, April 6-7th, 2013!!!
  41. seeking pt assistant for akai silks work
  42. Gem's of the South Belly Dance Competition - Still open categories, show oppertunities and workshops!
  43. South East Mosaic Dance Festival - Teacher Application and Performance slots now open! Atlanta GA USA
  44. Want to dance on the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach, California?
  45. Workshops with Mahin of "Daily Bellydance Quickies" - Tucson, Sedona & Los Angeles!!
  46. La Danse Orientale Belly Dance Competition registration is open!
  47. Performer Registration Open: Cairo Caravan 2013!
  48. Triple Threat Drum Solo workshop with Kimahri - 12.8.12 Glen Ellyn, IL
  49. AHLAM Men CAIRO/Performances
  50. ISSAM HOUSHAN: Workshops & Show with Tiffani Ahdia
  51. Audition for professional dancers
  52. NYC Iraqi Dance (Raqs Iraqi) workshops with Leila Molaei (UK)
  53. Detroit Workshop, Nov. 3
  54. Dancers and Vendors wanted! 8th Annual HoHoHo Habibi Hafla 12/9! (IL)
  55. Want to teach at the 2013 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive™?
  56. Tiffani Ahdia looking for work!
  57. Semi Professional Company forming!! Calling all WV, OH, and KY girls!
  58. Save the date--8th Annual HoHoHo Habibi hafla!!!! 12/9/12 (Chicago area)
  59. Hafla in Wilton, CT 10/6/12--POSTPONED :-( :-(
  60. For those interested in hosting Leila Molaei, Iraqi gypsy dance expert this December
  61. Excellent percussionist, keyboard player, singer specialized in accompanying bellydancers
  62. Looking for a teacher in Glasgow, Scotland
  63. The Ghosts Project seeks guest dancers for West Coast Tour
  64. Looking for a Teacher in Abu Dhabi
  65. Bellydance scene in Istanbul and gigs; not so good!
  66. One Pro spot opened up for Jewel of the Sierra 2012
  67. Detroit, MI area instructor recommendation needed
  68. Leila Molaei in the US, late October
  69. Bellydancer looking for urent contract
  70. ISO: Belly dancer in Detroit!
  71. Professional Bellydance Audition!!
  72. Professionals in Toronto Need an Assistant?
  73. Video Clip Submission - Carnival of Stars Promo Vid 2012
  74. ATTENTION Bellydance Instructors: Need a Place to Teach in Los Angeles/Burbank/Glendale Area?
  75. Dallas Area Dancer. . .
  76. Selling IBCC package. 650$. Currently costs 799$.
  77. In search of a tribal fusion teacher.
  78. Lena Helt, shabiyya of Sweden, coming to US august-take the chance to sponsor
  79. NYC Tarot reader?
  80. Who's Restaurant Dancing in DC???
  81. I NEED DANCERS!!!! Want to come work with me???? VEGAS and ATLANTIC CITY
  82. ISO Vendors for the Dina Workshop in DC 4-6 May
  83. Native Iraqi dance instructor, Leila Molaei coming to NYC late May/early June!!!
  84. DINA coming to WASHINGTON DC - May 4-6
  85. Just moved to Los Angeles ~ West Hollywood! Interested in meeting dancers and networking :)
  86. So, You Think You Can Belly Dance? 2012 Contest
  87. Want to perform at the Las Vegas Intensive?
  88. Anyone Dancing in Portland?
  89. What have I do to find a job overseas?
  90. How to Locate Teri Souri?
  91. Wanted: Chicagoland area traditional teacher
  92. Bellydance Showcase in Huntington, WV!
  93. Anything happening in New York 3-9 april?
  94. Jewel of the Sierra 2012!
  95. belly dancer wanted !!
  96. Outi's USA Tour Jan-Feb 2012
  97. Stamford, CT Hafla 2/4/2012! --WOOHOO & THANK YOU!!
  98. I Am God dess
  99. Anyone interested of sponsorin workshop for Outi in USA 28th-29th Jan?
  100. Dancers and Teachers in Grand Rapids, MI?
  101. Standing up to a rude restaurant owner
  102. Bellydancer who is a Magician Illusionist too !
  103. NOW ACCEPTING VENDORS for Ruby Beh Workshop/Show in Chicago (4/28/12)
  104. Turkey / Egypt *Vive la Difference* Workshop Feb 16-20 2012
  105. Guinness World Record's "Longest Shimmy" contest!!
  106. Promote your dance here.
  107. Moving to New York for the next 2 months...any tips, sugestions?
  108. Waking Persephone - Dancing Through the Dark & Unusual, April 13th-15th, 2012 - New England
  109. Dancers & Vendors! 7th Annual HoHoHo Habibi Hafla & Fundraiser! (IL)
  110. I've moved to South Florida
  111. Club Bellydance East Coast Tour 2012
  112. Lake Havasu City, AZ?
  113. Jewel of the Sierra 2011 This weekend in Placerville, Ca.!
  114. Arabian Nights Hookah Hafla/Fundraiser (IL)
  115. Performance Opp Portland Oregon 8/13/11
  116. America's History of Belly Dancers of Colour - Documentary and Show Film (Video Auditions and Submissions)
  117. Dance Classes- Marrakesh, Morocco
  118. Dancers & Swappers! Come together Aug 27, 2011 in OC, CA *UPDATE 2*
  119. I am looking fow a job as bellydancer in hotel by contract
  120. Teachers Presented at Carnival of Stars in City of Richmond, CA
  121. ISO Teacher in Philladelphia
  122. Halfa and Workshop in Manchester! Calling All Dancers!
  123. EGYPT, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! by Mohamed Shahin
  124. Jewel of the Sierra 2011 Bellydance Competition and Rakstar Show!
  125. Belly dance instructor needed: Peobody ma, sat. Morning classes
  126. Need a belly dancer near Manassas VA for a private party on 7/29
  127. Looking for a fabulous dancer in Jordan!
  128. Looking for Vendors for Boo-Yah! 8/6/11 (Chicago burbs)
  129. looking for amcab dancer in merced calif area
  130. Teachers in Stockton, Ca?
  131. Boston, MA: MassRaqs Sept. 2011 Call to Dancers
  132. Looking for AmCab/ Egyptian Instructor for Rockville, Gaithersburg MD
  133. Monthly Sphinx Haflas at Mango 2011 (IL)
  134. Video Submissions needed - Carnival of Stars Video
  135. Dancer needed for Friday 5/6 in Lancaster / Palmdale, CA
  136. What are you wearing today?
  137. Moving to Melbourne FL!!
  138. 2011 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Pro-Show Audition Deadline
  139. Belly Dance for Birth Instructor
  140. looking for reputable sponsor in Virginia
  141. Belly Dance Convention-Tiraz Dance Network
  142. "At Door" Admission Available for *Market at the Casbah* April 2, 2011!
  143. Traveling to Miami March 24-28 Belly Dancer/Fire Dancer Available
  144. Bellydance in Chicago Loop?
  145. Interested in dancing in Antalya (Southern Turkey) this summer?
  146. International competition in London!
  147. Audition for X-MED due April 15, 2011
  148. Audition for restaurant dancers near Atlanta, GA
  149. International & Middle Eastern Night - Garden Grove, CA
  150. Registration is open for Bellies for the Birds Fundraiser in Slc,UT April 30th
  151. Jewel of the Sierra Bellydance Competition and Evening Rakstar Show September 3-4, 2011
  152. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills Restaurant Performances Feb 5 & 6
  153. Middle Eastern Dance Troupes needed!!
  154. ** UPDATE #3 ** Market at the Casbah, Apr 2, 2011, Southern California
  155. Seeking Tanoura Dancer in Las Vegas
  156. Looking for teacher in Yancey or Mitchell county, NC
  157. bellydance - chelmsford
  158. Rakstars Bellydance Showcase
  159. ISO drop in class - DC/MD/VA
  160. You Think You Can Belly Dance? Contest--Details
  161. Outi in UK 2011 March/April
  162. Classes in or near Stony Brook, New York?
  163. Anybody participating in the "Belly Buddies" contest?
  164. 2011 Las Vegas Intensive Online Teaching Application Due 12/6
  165. The EDA Spring Dance Intensive - see you there!
  166. Cruise Ships?
  167. Bellydance Instructor needed ( work in Vietnam)
  168. Looking for 2 Bellydance Artists (one snake dancer)High Energy only!
  169. More New York... Buffalo this time!
  170. The Tonic Bar in San Antonio, TX looking for a Belly Dancer for Friday Dec, 10 2010
  171. Save the date: Bellydancing UW Spring Show Featuring Ranya Renee
  172. IL cancer nonprofit wants one class
  173. What's going on in or near Palo Alto, CA?
  174. Cambridge, MA: Exploring the Arab Style Oriental Routine, taught by Meiver
  175. Tribal Fest 11 - Sebastopol, California!
  176. What would you say the minimum technical skill set is for a pro solo dancer? say, at a restaurant?
  177. Rachel George in workshops and show, Tacoma, WA
  178. 2nd Annual La Danse Orientale Bellydance Competition
  179. BDSS Auditions in NYC and DC
  180. Make Me A Competition Winning Choreography for $$$
  181. Next Weekend in El Cerrito CA (SF Bay Area) open stage and swap meet!
  182. Workshop and Hafla with SARABI (Elgin, IL)
  183. TURKEY EGYPT - Vive la Difference *Weekend Intensive*
  184. Holiday Hafla 2010 with MOROCCO in Georgia!
  185. No ME Community, Help!
  186. Bedouin Bazaar 2011 Instructors
  187. Drop in classes in NY (in february...)?
  188. Seeking teachers for studio in Fayetteville, AR
  189. In Cambridge, MA: Silk Fan Veil workshop by Meiver!
  190. Sell your belly dance video
  191. Is there any intrests in UK?
  192. Save the date - Tapestry - 2011
  193. IL Workshop: Tribal for AmCab Dancers
  194. Northern Lights Bellydance Festival: Thriller dance at the hafla!
  195. Available in October (IL)....update Evanston workshop registration details 10/16!
  196. Boo-Yah! The Belly-Groove Workshops. (Chicago suburbs)
  197. non pro solo performance opportunities?
  198. Desert Dance Festival 2010 ~ Who's dancing?
  199. Spanish, Diva Lookin for Work Opp in Morocco (Or Any Arabic Country)
  200. NYC Auditions for Adventurous, Talented Belly Dancers
  201. AUDITIONS - Jillina's Sahlala Dancers
  202. 6th International Oriental Dance Festival in Estonia
  203. Jewel of the Sierra Bellydance competition
  204. 6th Annual HoHoHo Habibi Hafla! (IL) ***SUCCESS!***
  205. Chicago Oriental Dance Weekend Competition
  206. Dalia Carella Dance Collective Choreography Performance Project
  207. Jewel of the Sierra 2010
  208. bridal shower, Sept 18th Willow Springs IL
  209. Looking for advanced teachers in Binghamton/Ithaca/Syracuse NY
  210. Egyptian-Style Belly Dancer - Looking for Work Opp's
  212. "Your Veil is Your Friend: Get to Know It!" Workshop Sat, Aug 14 in Orange County, CA
  213. Regular restaraunt gig - St. Pete area
  214. August 14th Show in Sioux City, IA
  215. Stage assistant needed for 7/29-7/31 and 8/2 in Hilsboro OR
  216. Is there any intrests in USA?
  217. Some Seller and Performer Opps Available at Orange County (CA) Hafla & Swap Meet! UPDATE #2: SELLER and DANCER SPACES SOLD OUT!
  218. any pro dancers in the harrisburg(PA) area?
  219. seeking host/workshop attendees for trunk show in Tampa Florida
  220. Teachers in Manhattan?
  221. teachers in northern Maine
  222. Vending opportunities at oriental fantasy in san fran!
  223. seeking those in love with silk dance
  224. teacher in Alexandria/VA
  225. Belly Dance Off! -- August 1
  226. Desert Dance Festival Performer Registration
  227. Atlanta's Night in the Oasis!
  228. Pure Dance Showcase in Milwaukee, WI
  229. Los Angeles Dancers! I have a lead!
  230. Bellydance Party + Costume Swap + Drum Circle in Crystal Lake this Friday! (6/18)
  231. Leila of Cairo 28 - 29 August Washington DC
  232. AUG 14, 2010: Belly Dance Basics Workshop, Hafla & Swap Meet! Orange County, CA USA
  233. Hadia's 2010 Pro-Course, Montreal
  234. Karim Nagi Workshops in Milwaukee, WI
  235. Oriental Fantasy - EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ends on MAY 31!
  236. SAVE THE DATE! Deb Rubin Intensive Nov 19-21 in Chicago
  237. Upcoming Events in Asheville NC - Alexandra King, Ava Fleming, Daughters of Rhea - excited!
  238. San antonio tx teacher wanted
  239. Chicago instructors
  240. Instructors in Idyllwild CA?
  241. Any Instructors in Elgin IL?
  242. Vegas Bellydance Festival at the FLAMINGO Hotel & Casino, Sept 9-12, Performance Opportunities
  243. Fusion Belly Dance Artist looking for work-Let me perform at your event
  244. TODAY, June 13 - 3:30pm - Be part of NYC's biggest mass belly dance performance! Video posted, learn the dance now! Directions posted too.
  245. Aradia Workshops in NYC! June 19-20!! SPECIAL OFFER FOR TEACHERS!!!
  246. Tribal Teachers in San Diego,ca
  247. Wanted - ATS/ITS/Fusion teacher UK East
  248. Search for final dancer
  249. Karim Nagi Workshops in Milwaukee, WI
  250. Beginners Classes in Northern Michigan?