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  1. Vent about class frustrations.
  2. The other woman
  3. Teacher dilemma
  4. Frustrated and confused
  5. how fast can you make a banner?
  6. Looking for teacher in Colorado Springs area
  7. Anyone ever studied with Selayma of Colorado?
  8. Butoh
  9. My Third Annual Student Showcase! - UPDATED! With Video!
  10. Help me with my photos!
  11. shimmi
  12. WOO WHOO!!! Jamilla Al Wahid is teaching in my hood!
  13. New Class Concept
  14. Troupes
  15. Can't decide what music to dance to
  16. Troupe Costuming Issue...........
  17. Just moved to Redmond,WA and would like to find all the teachers on the eastside?
  18. Workshop with 100 students - what do you get out of it?
  19. Randa coming to the Midlands, UK!
  20. New post in the teachers 'group'
  21. ~~The Shakes~~
  22. Any good intermediate DVDs out there?
  23. Spin off: Benefits of early music training?
  24. Concerned about teachers, I need advice!!!
  25. No Classical Dance Training, Feeling Discouraged
  26. raqia workshop - would this be too rude?
  27. Morocco in Boston
  28. what weight silk veil do you prefer
  29. Teaching in gyms
  30. What do you think of "Contemporary Oriental Dance"
  31. Success! A student that "gets it"
  32. Tribal Revolution (Chicago June 20-22) postcards!!
  33. the Suhaila catagory? Related to the styles thread
  34. help me with my shoulder/ chest
  35. BD in South Beach
  36. Styles of Belly Dance Primer - Proof read please
  37. Keeping the head up
  38. Warm-up session before class...how long?
  39. Styles of Belly Dance Primer - what have you guys already put together?
  40. Teaching in Private Gyms
  41. Suhaila in Seattle, May 3 & 4
  42. Article on my lecture/demonstration at LAU
  43. bollywood in baltimore/annapolis, any idea?
  44. One-on-One Classes, What`s the Most You Pay
  45. Looking for instructor in the Pittsburgh area
  46. Glossary of BD terms
  47. cross-post BD instructor needed in Modesto, CA area
  48. Workshops, What's the Most You Pay??
  49. Live drumming in class
  50. Spinoff-unasked for critique or teacher guidance?
  51. Raks Assaya question
  52. Save the date! Yousry Sharif in Chicago, Dec 6-7
  53. What was that about having kids in your class?
  54. Please help my awful rag doll arms!
  55. Torn Tendons and Bellydance
  56. Is there anyone willing to teach in Chautauqua County NY?
  57. Teaching a mixed level class
  58. A special April Fool's Day Class
  59. Teachers Near Dixon IL?
  60. Tribal Revolution (Chicago June 20-22) classes going fast!!
  61. Save the date June 21, 22 Chicago Mohammed Shahin
  62. Please tell me about Carolina Nericcio?
  63. Any instructors in Watertown, WI???
  64. "Will you keep a secret?" WWBD?
  65. Bellydance certifications-opinions?
  66. Shimmies, Gushes, Freezes
  67. How would you establish quality dancers and teachers ?
  68. I'm so green (subtitled: help me with live bands)
  69. Charity performance
  70. Belly Dance Survey for Students of Belly Dance Only
  71. teaching without mirrors
  72. "Mon Amie la Rose" rhythm pattern?
  73. How many students do you need to continue?
  74. What's the funniest/strangest DVD/VHS you
  75. It's a miracle!!... spin off on beginner choreo..
  76. What do you want in a local workshop?
  77. How to handle this, ladies and gents?
  78. "Surprise" Improv Dancing
  79. Student rant (sorry)
  80. Pretending to be another dancer...
  81. Ending sessions
  82. Contemplative studio - thinking outside the box
  83. *sigh* Beginner choreo
  84. spinoff: European dancers to know
  85. spinoff: American dancers to know
  86. mirror mirror on the wall
  87. home studio- decoration
  88. teachers list for conference
  89. please help me fill in my lists
  90. Egyptian Dancers to Know
  91. My Youtube Video, up on the chopping block!
  92. Belly Dance Survey for Students and Enthusiasts of Belly Dance
  93. OK I'll come straight back being awkward
  94. ATS...as group (troupe) therapy?
  95. Mandatory Classes for a Troupe...Yes? No?
  96. Student-teacher interaction
  97. Flutters In Movement !!
  98. OMG I haven't danced publically in 4 MONTHS!!!!!
  99. your thoughts on these you tube instructionals
  100. Thinking about private lessons...
  101. March 2nd Veil Poi workshop Newark, Ca
  102. Rhythm Discussion
  103. Suhaila Choreography Workshop this Sunday!
  104. Those with DVDs: Copyrighted Music for Performance Section?
  105. anyone as OCD as me?
  106. Performance Blunders article now online
  107. Dancing with candles
  108. Paging: Kharis_UK, SatinWorship19 & Soraya2!
  109. Hadia's Professional Course
  110. Starting classes with Faten Sunday!
  111. Zill Clinic with Leyla Lanty, Sunnyvale CA, Mar. 3
  112. 3/4 shimmy, down hip style: how do you drive it?
  113. good arm & hand exercises for students?
  114. Fantasy Feather Fan Bellydance Workshop - Kent, Uk
  115. Princess Farhana UK workshops 15 March 2008
  116. Fazil's NYC...RIP
  117. Ok...is there a tactful way to help with this
  118. Hannan Sultan Dvd missing sections- WWBD??
  119. Is there a "going rate" for creating choreographies?
  120. Student in a wheelchair
  121. Your favorite performance blunders? *UPDATE: Can I quote you?*
  122. Hearing imparired students
  123. Looking for a teacher in Glendale/Montrose area
  124. Help me improve my zill-playing!
  125. dancing after a hip replacement op?
  126. Lecturing for the university dance dep. Updated!
  127. what the hell this dancer does???
  128. Most creative explanations for dance moves...
  129. TIps and Tricks for teaching stage presence
  130. Seeking tips on veil technique
  131. Would a teacher deny a plus-sized dancer?
  132. Another Finding a Teacher Thread DC and NYC Area
  133. Cairo figure 8's ?
  134. I Lost My Teacher - Now What?
  135. What every well rounded pro should know
  136. next level time...need help
  137. Hillary Thacker?
  138. ISO: improvement
  139. Aziza Weeklong in Santa Cruz, CA
  140. 3-Day Intensive with Suhaila in Santa Cruz
  141. hand warm-ups for zils
  142. More Delaware, USA classes, workshops and events
  143. Your favorite beginner bellydance DVDs
  144. When your dancing...what do you look at?
  145. Teaching Suhaila Technique in Cleveland, OH
  146. Preparing to Teach
  147. Shimmies--Sheer practice or is there a trick?
  148. How do you handle class cancellations?
  149. Live drumming in dance class
  150. Is this Faten Salama's official website?
  151. Great Lakes Belly Dance Conference?
  152. Class Choreographies?
  153. Song/Video of the Month? (Daret al Ayam)
  154. My new video...
  155. Pics of Al-Madrassa Open House in Montreal
  156. Tell me about Diane Tarkan
  157. DC Metro show, workshops Jan 25th, 26th
  158. Consignment
  159. Graceful arms?
  160. Russian "learn to bellydance" animations
  161. Al-Madrassa new dance studios in Montreal, Qc Canada
  162. Teaching rates for 2008
  163. Save this workshop: Aszmara: Newark Delaware, in March
  164. name search
  165. Tiffany wants me!!
  166. Children's bellydance classes - brainstorming on dos and donts
  167. Looking for a teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  168. Touch or No Touch ??
  169. Morocco in San Jose, CA, Feb 9-10 Workshops & Hafla
  170. Advice on a senior center class program?
  171. Weight belts
  172. If I have to watch one more...
  173. help....add your dance tips to my web page
  174. Cane length?
  175. Sharing your choreographies?
  176. What are your teaching ideas for 2008?
  177. new youtube clip of me -- feedback?
  178. I am Looking for any of Delilah's Belly Dance Workshop DVDs for Sale
  179. I'm going to study with Faten Salama...Yeah!
  180. Going Tribal -- how???
  181. Journey through Egypt Intensive with Sahra Saeeda - L.A.
  182. My First Solo Gig
  183. Belly dance presentation for 7th graders- help!
  184. Can anyone recommend a good instructor for
  185. Time for another terminology question!
  186. Just wondering...
  187. Charge for student troup practices....
  188. Scottish dancer out of practice seeks help!
  189. Candle Dance Help
  190. freeze shimmy huh?
  191. The Stranger Things Students Say
  192. When to "Accept" someone in your Group?
  193. Progress, Constructive Criticism
  194. Zills at Haflas - rant ahead!
  195. Letting Go of the Rigid
  196. Looking for teacher in Arizona
  197. Where are those bi-gender student threads?
  198. Dealing with dancers who sabotage others performance - advice needed
  199. WWBD- enrollment
  200. Being Brave: Posting video for criticism
  201. How to shimmy like Randa Kamel
  202. Which goals of 2007 did you achieve?
  203. Your dance goals for 2008?
  204. Spin Off: Becoming a professional dancer
  205. How Rigid Can Teachers Be?
  206. Just Curious...Sahara Dance Co. anybody?
  207. One Legged Shimmy
  208. Who is the best for Ghawazy?
  209. Teaching the 55+ crowd
  210. Oy...
  211. Randa Kamal
  212. Teacher question
  213. Preparing to Teach!
  214. WWBD?
  215. Brag about My Students!
  216. Want to start dancing again-need kick in the pants
  217. The things kids say...
  218. First restaurant show--advice & good vibes?
  219. raqia watch
  220. Instructors needed UK
  221. Instructionals w/ low snooze factor?
  222. Please ! No Choreography !!!
  223. BDSS
  224. Safti's Dance of Egypt Seminars
  225. sit el hosn?
  226. Melaya in Bedlah?
  227. Turkish Drop - in Heels ?
  228. Teachers,what motivates you to promote workshops?
  229. What would you do about this?
  230. Which zills?
  231. I don't want to buy a costume.....
  232. Bozenka in Seattle, January 18-19!!
  233. Beginner veil songs?
  234. Advice for an independent learner?
  235. Who's going to Oreet in Columbia, MO?
  236. POrtable sound system
  237. The Two-Handed Finger Snap
  238. Benefits of Choreography-Based Seminars
  239. Evals from your students
  240. Rotation
  241. Good dancer equals good teacher
  242. Stages of Belly Dance - Group Project
  243. My Stage Dynamics Notes-Thought it would help?
  244. Naming moves
  245. 'Fessing up - I LOVE noisy hip scarves!!!
  246. Mentor Questions
  247. Getting Students to Stare At You
  248. Video Constructive Critiques
  249. Choosing A mentor
  250. What do you teach in?