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  1. Spin Off Thread: Zills
  2. What to teach 10 year olds?
  3. Polished Style- where does it come from?
  4. Yousry Weeklong Intensive
  5. free or low cost bd classes in nyc?
  6. Speaking of taking private lessons...
  7. why you should bring Midnight Mirage to your next event
  8. Getting in touch with back muscles for chest lift
  9. Looking for an instructor in San Angelo, TX
  10. Taught the dance majors this morning!
  11. Student missing muscles....
  12. vibrations
  13. Luna Gitana Belly Dance Festival featuring DALIA CARELLA!
  14. Keeping it interesting
  15. Egypt - does anyone know of dance classes or one on one teachers anywhere in Egypt?
  16. Teaching while recovering from an injury
  17. Coming to Vegas and want to take a class
  18. The things students say...
  19. December in DE: Artemis!!!
  20. Looking for an Instructor in the East Bay Area
  21. Your most extreme class
  22. Big group - Update
  23. Strange Request
  24. Low Attendance in BD Class
  25. If your instructor offered DVDs...
  26. Instructor Search
  27. What qualities does a teacher need?
  28. First Time Teaching
  29. dealing with a huge group
  30. other teachers taking your classes
  31. Naming a Troupe
  32. "Technique" Workshops
  33. Workshop Etiquette
  34. Getting a debke started??
  35. Defamation of Character
  36. Questions, questions...
  37. Help me, my arms SUCK!
  38. Down hips
  39. Muscular vs. Skeletal: Alternative terminology?
  40. What to teach dance majors?
  41. What do you expect from a workshop
  42. traveling backward horizontal figure 8
  43. Teachers: quick - what would you do?
  44. What to do for a short class/demonstration?
  45. Practicing when you have kids
  46. Need a new boom box...
  47. Instructional CD?
  48. Looking for Another Rec.
  49. The first class you ever taught-how was it?
  50. mizmar tracks
  51. Who wants to be my mentor?
  52. troupe A and troupe B
  53. Whoa..check out this backbend/floorwork
  54. more troupe stuff -troupe dues
  55. troupe, from student to pro...
  56. Got pics? Boston, MA Workshop/Show
  57. My student did her first gig with me!
  58. Hip flexor stretches
  59. Raising prices
  60. Help me, I'm burning out!
  61. Things my teacher didn't tell me!
  62. Book Recommendations
  63. Egyptian Choreography workshop with Shanna
  64. Intro to Bellydance with Vashti
  65. I need arm help
  66. Getting more out of workshops?
  67. Navel piercings- yes or no and why?
  68. Pet peeves.
  69. Do you allow observers?
  70. Student Troupe Guidelines - Feedback, please!
  71. My Very First Sword Solo!!
  72. Question for teachers on Beginning student DVD's
  73. Soft, Strong Arms
  74. Thinking out loud again...
  75. Where do you practice?
  76. Giving feedback to a student who doesn't want it.
  77. Teaching Improvisation???
  78. class curriculum / outline / lesson plan
  79. Greek Restaurant Shows
  80. Getting students ready for a show
  81. Another shoe question
  82. Ever Had a Private Student Disappear?
  83. Help with Drum solos
  84. Having trouble finding a troupe name
  85. Tips and advice for performance troubles
  86. Dancers from Detroit.....
  87. Confusing Omis & level hip circles
  88. Sandra In Santa Cruz
  89. How would you teach a tween?
  90. Wash DC recommendation, Sun. 7/29 7-9 p
  91. Raqia's teacher school
  92. How much
  93. How do I learn to dance to ME music?
  94. Conditioning/drills for dance - your thoughts?
  95. Posture question
  96. Flutters
  97. Belly Dance Identity Crisis?
  98. Fun suggestions for my intermediate students?
  99. Kalleji Thobes?
  100. Internal Belly rolls
  101. Dancing with zills
  102. "freeze" shimmies
  103. Troupe rehearsals for competition
  104. Private Lesson Awkwardness
  105. NY RenFaire bd performance quality
  106. July Belly Dance Series with Jaynie Ali Aydin
  107. Belly Dance Blahs - a Venting Thread
  108. Weight/balance Issues and Shoes
  109. Teaching from a video
  110. correcting bad technique
  111. International Belly Dancer Convention?
  112. belly dance class - what to wear?
  113. To Note or Not to Note...
  114. problem with left and right
  115. What would you do for a 100th birthday??
  116. Combination ideas...
  117. Drum and Dance Classes -SE MI
  118. X-MED Workshops Los Angeles
  119. teaching on a stage
  120. Dropping your sword head to belly
  121. July/August Choreo Challenge
  122. Insurance????
  123. Double veil instructional video
  124. Chicago-area dancers: Interested in flamenco?
  125. Flutters on Youtube
  126. So when did you decide to start performing solo?
  127. Zahra Zuhair Certification Program coming soon
  128. Free feather fan tips/instruction
  129. Very awkward situation.............
  130. Does anyone know this dancer/teacher?
  131. Graceful veil/melaya retrieval
  132. Hot Dance Camps w/ Bahaia
  133. How would you react?
  134. More male teachers/dancers coming up recently ?
  135. fairly new at this--advice/tips?
  136. Daring, Innovative, "Pushing the Envelope"
  137. Morocco & Tarik Sultan, Tallahassee, FL
  138. I'm appalled!
  139. Workshops with Shabnam and Amy Sigil
  140. Ideas to surprise our teacher
  141. Anyone heard of Milla Tenorio?
  142. Need a teacher recommendation...
  143. Completely unqualified teachers
  144. Dealing with Attitudes
  145. Single drum breat refrain dilemma
  146. More for the anatomy geeks!
  147. Help me protect my mom's back!
  148. New dance studio opening in Santa Cruz
  149. Bellydancing for Fitness?
  150. Do you have a "class replacement" video?
  151. Mark your calender, Nov. 10, 2007
  152. Something to practice at home?
  153. What a fun class!!!
  154. Teacher Training Xpost (Massachusetts)
  155. Rib cage slide - which muscles are used!
  156. If I wanted to host a workshop
  157. Just a small quandry...suggestions?
  158. group choreo's - some thoughts
  159. "Will you make us a video?"
  160. Sword slippage
  161. What do you do when...
  162. a funny thing happened at this egyptian wedding...
  163. Videotaping the workshops
  164. Should I mention it?
  165. Fun quote from a student
  166. Competitors (teachers) coming to your class...
  167. Things to work on in intermediate class !
  168. teachers when does your spring session end?
  169. Dancing to Live Music ??
  170. Pronating feet and foot pain
  171. First timer
  172. Kajira in Vegas! May 26th and 27th with Seba!
  173. 2 new classes with Roxxannne Shelaby in LA area!
  174. music selections for kids class.
  175. "Not giving it all away" and the hafla perofrmance
  176. Dance time that can be fit into performance slot
  177. Abdominal Isolations
  178. Teacher's Dance Identity Getting Lost?
  179. What happened to the monthly choreography?
  180. Dance In France question again
  181. Day Dreaming.....
  182. Nature of Haflas
  183. Yousry Sharif is not well?
  184. Egyptian Style workshop June 8, 9
  185. Yikes!!!!
  186. Teachers Who Kick Some A*s
  187. Why do troupe directors care...
  188. Registration for Tribal Extreme, Ann Arbor, MI, is up
  189. Dealing with Divas - Teacher Awareness
  190. Ethics of volunteer teaching
  191. Bad Feeling About Dance Studio Owner
  192. Ethics for bellygrams ect.
  193. One of Those students
  194. Knees
  195. Rakhel - Rachel Kaufman - any comments
  196. Improv games for class
  197. Glass in my feet
  198. My show is tonight!!!!
  199. Performance and mini-lesson for womens birthday party!
  200. Pink & Whites and Tablas?
  201. had a class from Eman Haddad?
  202. It's special, it's a Private
  203. tribal teacher needed
  204. good teachers in San Diego area
  205. Stretches
  206. Goblet Dancing Video?
  207. Delilah in Boulder Colorado September 8th
  208. Calling all Teachers
  209. Dalia Carella and Carmine Guida--Chicago 4/14 SCHEDULE CHANGE!!
  210. How do you hold zills and veil at the same time?
  211. Turn turn turns!
  212. Big drama moves
  213. Half circle vs rectangular veil
  214. Zill/Sagat recommendations
  215. sword
  216. Unflattering Dance Movements-how to alter
  217. Dance name help
  218. Big hip circ-OW!
  219. Drumming advice needed...
  220. How do YOU want to do it? Creating style
  221. Best Way to Prepare for Classes?
  222. Workshops???
  223. Belly Flutters
  224. New Belly Dance Class- MI
  225. Question about doing a bellygram?
  226. yet another thread about levels
  227. troupe costume - owned by troupe director
  228. Friday Evening Classes
  229. Testing my avatar & sig
  230. This Is A Test Thread From Student Center