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  1. My new Kickstarter campaign "Goddess in Motion "
  2. Hey bhuzers I need your help
  3. Upper Arm Flabola - Anyone found the fastest results?
  4. How many calories do we burn?
  5. Lower back issue--bad ergonomics are a culprit
  6. Lower spine scoliosis and dance
  7. Belly dance for Healing from illness released Nov 2013
  8. I hve a little issue with my bellie showing.
  9. foot pain, dancing limitations, and shoes
  10. Pain in the Hip
  11. NEEDED: A Really Good Technique/Product for removing "gig" make-up and less break-outs
  12. Pain in the arch of the foot??
  13. Belly issues, if i'm a belly dancer does that mean i have to have a nice belly??
  14. Nutritionally Challenged
  15. total knee replacement
  16. Coping with repeated ankle sprains
  17. Knees/Heel/Feet Issues
  18. Daily/weekly routine
  19. 30 Day Challenges
  20. When to start exercising again after surgery?
  21. Sore achilles tendon -- any recommendations?
  22. Shimmying to reduce cellulite?
  23. Sudden hair loss - has this happened to anyone else?
  24. What are your favorite yoga videos?
  25. I suggest practicing yoga.
  26. Tight Butt and Thighs
  27. Damn my arms!
  28. Bowing Pain in Back
  29. strengthening the lower abs
  30. Gluten Free Middle Eastern Recipes
  31. Healthy dessert recipes blog
  32. Hormonal cycle + energy levels
  33. Oil pulling?
  34. Pilates Equipment Training
  35. Moussaka recipes
  36. Lower Back Injuries and Dance
  37. Non surgical lipo
  38. Tetanus shot?
  39. Anyone tried Yin Yoga?
  40. What are some good Men's fitness/health/nutrition magazines?
  41. work out shoes?
  42. Let's Talk Diets
  43. Tips for nice arms
  44. Osteoporosis
  45. Can someone please tell me if this is right?
  46. I never said I was a lady
  47. Is Dancing Enough of a Workout?
  48. Carpal tunnel surgery
  49. Juicing for adding more fruits and veggies to your diet
  50. Question about extreme hair loss
  51. Dancing with Plantar Fasciitis?
  52. Bellyfit!!!
  53. Ditching shampoo?
  54. Can zills damage your hearing?
  55. Dancing while pregnant :)
  56. Intuflow
  57. How damaging to legs is dancing a lot on concrete?
  58. Essure or Paragard - Will you please share your experiences
  59. Bellydancers w/ C-Sections
  60. torn meniscus
  61. Hungry for Change - online premiere
  62. Torqued knee from Turkish Drop
  63. fuzzy straight hair?
  64. Yamuna Body Rolling - Highly Recomend
  65. Bellydance Shimmy Workout -enough to get heart rate up?
  66. When you want to dance but physically can't
  67. Hearing Loss, Vertigo, Meniers, and Dance
  68. My blog experiment
  69. High Metabolism, Belly Dance makes it worse!
  70. Hip pain diagnosis: any tips for recovery?
  71. List of foot problems that can happen from dancing barefoot?
  72. Flexibility DVD
  73. Chia seeds
  74. I need some insipration, anyone else?
  75. 2 week, no carb, slim down?
  76. Wanted: P90X
  77. Gall Bladder Surgery
  78. have you seen this?
  79. "The Bar Method" class
  80. workout tanks that never, ever show your tummy?
  81. Strengthening the knees and ankles
  82. Fasting?
  83. Woohoo! I was invite to sumit my story by the Get Fit Pod web-zine...
  84. Recommend a stationary bike?
  85. Sharing my diet blog...
  86. Has anyone here...
  87. lower back problems without stiffness- help much appreciated!
  88. Anyone ever have interferon therapy?
  89. Sweaty!
  90. Skirt a little loose, how do I add elastic without ruining the costume?
  91. Busty Belly Dancer needs advice
  92. Long Hair
  93. Crossfit!
  94. FIt2-Fat-2Fit
  95. using homeopathic cures---IT WORKED!!!
  96. Hypotoxic diet (gluten and dairy free) - Would you like to share your comments and tips? ;o)
  97. More about posture
  98. Ripped in 30? And other Jillean Michaels dvds
  99. natural family planning - tell me about basal temps and pregnancy
  100. Treatment for Kitibha Kushta
  101. Sprained Ankle...
  102. Can you freeze hummus?
  103. Talk to me about HCG
  104. Fun thread! What food do you pack when you travel to workshops?
  105. My Toe!!!!!
  106. 41 lbs later
  107. Couscous
  108. Advice for firming up?
  109. Copper IUD
  110. droopy eyelid?
  111. to practice more???
  112. Gardeners: Potato Plant Allergy?!! HELP
  113. Swing shifts and hat juggling!
  114. Backbends
  115. please give me feedback about the "Dancing For Birth" program
  116. Arthritis Woes... Updated with test results
  117. Facercise. Heard of it? Tried it? What are your thoughts?
  118. Good tips on dealing with cravings.
  119. Eating for energy?
  120. Stretching machines?
  121. Health questions? Check out this new blog!
  122. Weight Loss Support 20 lbs or less?
  123. PCOS: I Hate This - Need Some Poly-Cysters Support
  124. fibroids/anemia & dance
  125. Apple cider vinegar
  126. Bruised my knee
  127. I look like an ironing board in a bikini!
  128. Arm Update
  129. ankle/tendon hurting from running
  130. Hay fever / seasonal allergies?
  131. could the lunges in yoga be aggravating my plantar fasciitis?
  132. Switching Up Your Diet If You Plateau
  133. Dancing/Musicians and hearing loss
  134. OMG, what just happened to my calf mucles?
  135. Straight to hell in a leotard
  136. Lemon Detox
  137. How long is it common to feel weakness after the flu?
  138. Stretch Marks / Skin Tightening Cream
  139. Making an antibacterial foot spray?
  140. Dance sneakers for knee issues?
  141. anyone sprain the arch of their foot?
  142. lump in throat
  143. Muscles / stretching
  144. torn rotator cuff
  145. Endometriosis and dance
  146. Conditioner only hair washing?
  147. Of pooches and saddlebags.
  148. Does anyone else get "splits" on the ball of their feet from barefoot dancing?
  149. New P90X and fitness bands for sale!
  150. Newest Allergies
  151. Soloution for dry, cracked feet FOUND!
  152. Are shoulder "noises" a sign of something harmful?
  153. Finally, an answer for my weight gain.
  154. Pedometers and 10,000 Steps
  155. Smoke cessation tips from ex-smokers needed
  156. Help for my Vegetarian friend... needs to prepare some impressive meat dishes for a dinner party!
  157. I Love My Belly, And Everything That Comes With It
  158. Recommendations for Vegeterian/Vegan resources?
  159. Making green tea less bitter?
  160. the Warrior Diet
  161. Bach remedies?
  162. Ayurveda?
  163. Exercise
  164. pre-diabetic/pressure
  165. Will losing some weight help my belly shrink?
  166. reversing the effects of a crappy diet
  167. Complaint/Depressed....Medical weight gain
  168. Suggestions for dealing with tight upper body/arms
  169. Any Remedies for Ridding Facial Pimples?
  170. Winter exercise - videos or stationary bike?
  171. Alopecia areata(losing patches of hair)
  172. Weird pulse?
  173. Got gluten, wheat intolerance?
  174. Knee problems: I have Patella Femoral Syndrome, and it sucks! :o(
  175. November Weight Loss and Fitness Support
  176. back pain--anyone else used The Stick?
  177. Free Thinkers have a Mental Illness!!??!?!
  178. Best Weight Loss Method? Updated with progress.
  179. Health and Nutrition Articles in the Belly Dance Chronicles Magazine
  180. pressure cooker - recommendations, please!
  181. Hair falling, any advice?
  182. You dipped WHAT in caramel?!?
  183. October Weight Loss and Fitness Support
  184. Burns from Thermacare Heat Wrap
  185. Figs!
  186. Manuka honey 5+? 10+? 15+? 20+? 25+?
  187. pain on ovulation
  188. My tummy is huge, but i'm not pregnant!.....cured by magic doctor!!
  189. Cobra yoga pose and {ouch!} ovary pain
  190. IUD's and Infection
  191. Dear PMS, I hate you.
  192. Building flight and lightness in your dancing
  193. Weight training
  194. Has your self confidence increased since starting to bellydance?
  195. Dandruff: what causes it and what do you do for it?
  196. The Tibetian 5 anyone know more about it?
  197. Scared that I've really injured myself
  198. Hip pain (moved from wrong forum)
  199. Diabetic Dancers?
  200. September Weight Loss and Fitness Support
  201. Re:Want P90X manuals and dvds
  202. Weird toe twinges/cramps
  203. Thinking of going Vegetarian
  204. August: Weight Loss & Fitness Support Thread
  205. Poor ankle
  206. Oops, don't mind me!!! Deleted
  207. Weight Watchers works. Really.
  208. Forever 21!
  209. Please kick my...
  210. Foot Stretch??
  211. "Detox for Life" by Carol Volderman
  212. Skinny Switch?
  213. Before I go doodle-ally
  214. finally dancing after hip replacement...
  215. Curvy Gals Weight Loss Thread
  216. Ovarian Cyst Surgery.
  217. Natural dandruff control, potassium deficiency, and cracked calluses
  218. Freaking out! Complex Ovarian Cysts
  219. July: Weight Loss & Fitness Support Thread
  220. Warning.....
  221. fitness sneakers
  222. Do You Use a Weight Belt to Train?
  223. When women stop hating their bodies...
  224. Plantar Warts - fix or leave alone?
  225. To those with chronic pain...
  226. dancing post laminectomy
  227. Macrobiotics: What do you all think? Does anyone eat this way?
  228. Gluten-free, sugar-free diet?
  229. Go get a skin check!
  230. Israel to legislate disclaimers on every photoshopped model in ads
  231. Dear Self
  232. The Smoothie Thread
  233. ISO Yoga workout
  234. Energy drinks?
  235. MRI experiences?
  236. Damn my hip (whining!)
  237. Switching pill to Mirena
  238. Metatarsalgia - occupational hazard for dancers!
  239. June: Weight Loss & Fitness Support Thread
  240. Cracking under toes and thick calluses
  241. Who teaches bellydance workout classes?
  242. Anyone going to Oreets Sharqui workshop in NYC?
  243. WAKAME: How much should I eat daily?
  244. Belly dance and chronic pain
  245. Sick & bored
  246. What Birth Control Method Works For you?
  247. Post-baby hips?
  248. Dancing with Inner Ear Damage?
  249. anyone else have PCOS?
  250. Ab exercises causing bloating?