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    Good source for chiffon/silk/satin circle skirts?

    I recently acquired three bedleh (love them!) but I usually wear full costumes or sets like pharonics that come with the skirt already, so I only have a few circle skirts.

    I'm thinking of trying to make a few skirts too, but want some instant gratification - any good places to buy this stuff online?

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    Re: Good source for chiffon/silk/satin circle skirts?

    I wouldn't call it instant gratification, but I'd highly recommend L Rose designs. They'll make them to your measurements and I have always gotten pretty fast service considering their custom made.

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    Re: Good source for chiffon/silk/satin circle skirts?

    I definitely understand the instant gratification deal with skirts... but honestly, unless I'm in a super pinch for a performance, I find I'm always so much more pleased when I make my own (and I am a novice sewer). They're super easy (Shirin has patterns and directions on her site, but if you cant find the site just google "belly dance circle skirt"). I've made about 8 different ones in the past year and a half (I'm the opposite of you and prefer bedlahs to full costumes, strictly for versatility... I'm getting better about buying full costumes tho). I find I can choose higher quality, iridescent chiffon and trim the edges in exactly whatever trim I want for MUCH less than what a lower quality, less ideal skirt would go for online. Not to mention, I can custom the front and back so that they are perfectly even and avoid any icky bias stuff... Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Happy to help!

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