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    I still say it's a sickness

    Costuming, that is ..g.:

    I've had a relapse. I type this having just put away my hot glue gun, a spool of 'Aztec gold metallic braid' trim, and 32 4mm AB Swarovskis.

    I've got one of those candle trays from bellydancestore. The candle holders & faux teapot screw onto the tray, which is nice, except they don't sit flush with the tray, which sucks. So I got the braid at Hobby Lobby & hot glued it around the very bottom edge of all the holders & teapot. Not bad, in a dim/low light room it'll be fine. Then I thought: But if I put some crystals on the trim, they'd catch the light and it would detract even more from the shadow of the gap between the tray & the teapot (teapot sits in the middle, candle holders around it aren't as noticeable) that the trim is sorta masking. So I got out the crystals. Went around the base with them, spaced out. Then I thought some trim added to the base of the holder on top of the teapot would help balance things out/pull it together. So I added trim there & it looks good. But of course then it needed crystals, too. Then I thought the base looked too sparse, so I added more crystals to both & it looks good. Then I put 5 crystals directly onto the teapot, a section in the middle - it's straight then sort of bubbles out a bit all the way around, then gets straight again, hard to describe. Put the crystals on/around the bubble part. Looks very nice.

    Then I had to make myself stop or I would've just kept going. .w.:
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    Re: I still say it's a sickness

    I love it! It sounds fabulous.

    I know what you mean about it being a sickness though. I'd Bedazzle the whole world if I could.

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    Re: I still say it's a sickness

    Sometimes I find myself liking tacky things just because they're blinged out...and then I have to tell myself to back off.

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    Re: I still say it's a sickness

    i luv this kind of stuff. when it's a prop you can fool yourself into thinking.. it's not as bad.. it's not a whole costume... right?


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