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Thread: Bedlah Search

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    Bedlah Search

    I'm in desperate need of some advice. Our newly formed small dance troupe (3 dancers) is in need of costumes. While we have already purchased a traditional Egyptian costume (bra and skirt) we've seemed to run out of luck with bedlahs.

    We would like to find a solid vendor where we can continue purchasing multiple sets at a price that won't bankrupt us. Are there any reliable vendors that we can utilize for bra/belt sets between $150 and $300 or am I living in a fantasy world? The girls' styles seem to run more towards Egyptian because of the huge amount of fringe on the Turkish sets. Unfortunately those seem to be the only more inexpensive ones I can find. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Re: Bedlah Search

    Dahlal (Dahlal Internationale : Welcome!) usually has more in stock than she can possibly photograph and list on the site. It's always worth a phone call to her. And she can order whatever you like, of course.

    Belly Dance Costumes | Belly Dance Designer Egyptian Costumes at Affordable Prices seems to carry a good supply of basic bedlah in a variety of sizes. (I LOVE that I can search her site by my measurements and look ONLY at in-stock items in my size!)

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    Re: Bedlah Search

    Yeah there are other sites but Dahlal has been stocking more & more of the basic Hanan/Rising STar sets that should fit in your budget. Good luck :) & enjoy browsing!

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    Re: Bedlah Search

    Scroll through - they have sets on sale right now as low as like $90 - and they do custom sizing.

    I have not personally ordered from here, but as soon as I am financially able to, I plan on purchasing my first bedlah from here. I've heard lots of good reviews from our fellow bhuzzers.

    Good luck!


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