I am allergic to artifical fragrances, have super-senstive skin (dyes and chemicals tend to leave me puffy and scaley), and I'm allergice to aloe, too. :/

I have searched high and low for moisturizer and soap that work, don't leave me looking like I've been standing in front of a deep-fryer, and don't smell like rotted vegetation.

Short of making my own, I've been pretty unsuccessful. And, honestly, I am so not happy with my home-made stuff.

But I went to the Chippewa Valley Ren Faire and found a vendor that promised just what I was looking for. "Yeah, right." is what I thought of that.
But after going through the grocery list of things I don't want or can't have, I was surprised that they really could deliver! Hooray!

My hands and lips haven't felt this nice since I was a kid.

So, for all of you with similar afflictions (or love someone who does), here's the link:
Opinicus Soaps

Bonus for me: They're local! Sa-weet.