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    Thoughts on White Costume

    So my bosses chipped in and got me a gift certificate to Dahlal - I am a lucky girl I know! Anyway, I have been eyeing up the Labyrinth costume for quite sometime now. Since it has so much going on, I think I'd prefer the costume in either black or white.
    Dahlal has emailed me photos of the costume in every color, except white (they don't have it captured in white).
    What are your thoughts on white costumes? Does anyone happen to have a photo of this in white....I'd love to see it on someone.
    Thanks all.

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    Re: Thoughts on White Costume

    Quote Originally Posted by Kristen81 View Post
    What are your thoughts on white costumes?
    Thanks all.
    I just recently discovered a problem with white costumes and several of the ladies in my area reported similar issues. If you're pale skinned at all, white/beige/ivory tends to blend right in and unless the beading is very eye-catching, it can be hard to really appreciate the costume when it's in white! If you're not fair-skinned or you don't mind a kind of all over similar look, I think white can look extremely striking!

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    Re: Thoughts on White Costume

    I wore white with some silver beading for New Year's Eve, and got a lot of compliments on the costume! But I've also got medium to tan skin. I really loved the combination, but agree that it might wash some people out, especially under some lighting conditions.
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    Re: Thoughts on White Costume

    quick question: what kind of performances do you expect when wearing it?
    stage lighting can have a very different effect on white costumes, than something up close and personal - like in a restaurant.
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    Re: Thoughts on White Costume

    ...and if you're planning on using it regularly in a restaurant, consider the dirt factor!! I had a beautiful white costume that I loved wearing but it got so dirty so quickly at my regular gigs

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