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Thread: Ideas to Decorate a Beledi Dress?

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    Ideas to Decorate a Beledi Dress?

    I have an L. Rose beledi dress that I bought for a troupe costume last year, but Iím no longer with that group anymore. Since I only wore it a couple times, Iíd like to modify and personalize it so I can wear it again. I started to add bead and sequins trim around the edges in silver, but I canít decide what else to do. At first I thought about scooping the neckline so I could wear a decorated bra top underneath, but I kind of like it all one piece because itís comfortable and easy to wear. Then, I thought about just decorating the neckline so I can still wear a coin belt with it. Now, Iím toying with the idea of just decorating the entire thing. I canít decide if I want to decorate the hip area or leave it clear so I can wear a belt with it.

    Has anyone else tackled this type of project previously? I thought I should seek out the wisdom of Bhuz before getting too far in the project.
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    Re: Ideas to Decorate a Beledi Dress?

    Personally, I would probably start with beading the edges of the whole thing. Just basic running finish beading. From there, I might add a few sew on rhinestones in strategic places, including the top of the slits. If you move forward slowly, you may find where "finished" is.

    And I LOVE the colour!

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    Re: Ideas to Decorate a Beledi Dress?

    I've made and decorated lots of baladi dresses. Up until now, I've always decorated the neckline, the sleeve hems, the actual hems and the side splits, and I've left the hip area clear for wearing hip scarfs/belts. I've just started a project where my baladi dress will actually have sequin/bead decorations around the hip, with bead drops/spot fringing, and (dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUUUN) no hip scarf!

    I agree with starting with some edge-beading. That gives you a "framework".
    Check out Shushanna's beading page for ideas/inspiration:
    Shushanna Designs: Beading
    She's got a lot of simple options for Beading in a Straight Line, with easy variations on her basic themes.

    If you're worried about working directly onto the dress, particularly with bigger, space-filling beadwork, you could try making appliquťs first on a felt base, then you can position them on the dress and see how they look.

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