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    The Inspirational Delilah

    Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but wanted to share Delilah's latest endeavour in dance and marketing. Funny, inventive and charming! I love how she continues to bring us back to the fun of the dance, and spirit! I also find it inspiring how she's using new technology in creative ways with the start of her online classes!! I've seen blurbs on YouTube from others about DVDs, but I haven't seen anyone actually offer regular, full classes. (I'm told the inspiration for this footage came from a late night infomercial! I'm not familiar with the infomercials, but maybe some of you will recognize which one was the inspiring gem!)

    [ame=]YouTube - The Power Belly Show - Female Enhancement[/ame]
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    Re: The Inspirational Delilah

    Those power belly commercials are so funny! Has anyone tried a power belly by the way? I'm wondering if it's helpful for stamina. Any reviews of it?

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    Re: The Inspirational Delilah

    I've been taking power belly for a couple of years now. It takes a ton of stamina to keep up with Delilah! It's helpful on all levels and I highly recommend it!

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    Re: The Inspirational Delilah

    sadie / suahila/tonya/ helena vlahos/princess farhana
    all at BDUC 20 classes and performance $15 shows
    $15 hr long Workshops in advance
    $ adv45 2 hr 's w/ sadie & suahila
    come have fun in the sun! BDUC 20
    long beach ca;
    Belly Dancer of the Universe Competitions in Long Beach, California deadline 2/10

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    Re: The Inspirational Delilah

    Quote Originally Posted by Lesedi View Post
    Those power belly commercials are so funny! Has anyone tried a power belly by the way? I'm wondering if it's helpful for stamina. Any reviews of it?
    The weight belt? I made one, and worked with it for quite a while a few years ago. I felt like it really helped me increase my range of motion in my hipwork.

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    Re: The Inspirational Delilah

    This is so funny. Thanks for posting this. I was suppose to get one of those, but as time went by, I forgot about it. Now that this has refreshed my memory, I'd better see about getting one. I think that I could benefit from it. My shimmies get stuck from time to time. I absolutely love Delilah. Her VHS tapes were the 1st tapes that I bought. She has so much info to offer.

    Thanks again for posting this!


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