Hi everyone!
I got my copy of the new Body Motion modern dance workout DVD in the post yesterday, and after giving the Level 1 workout a go, I thought I'd offer a brief review. Thanks, Michelle, for sending me this and for producing such a cool dvd!

I really enjoyed this dvd! It was a great workout, challenging yet fun, well organized, and something I will definitely add to my training repertoire. It even made me forget that I hate modern dance, lol!
The production quality is excellent, the studio space is light and spacious, the dancers are well dressed and easy to watch, and the instructor gives clear explanations of each exercise before you go at full speed. As a bellydancer with no interest in modern dance, I actually found myself thinking of ways to incorporate the drills and concepts into my own dancing, and I kind of wanted to find a real modern dance class to attend (sheepish grin)..........

What I Really Liked:
--There is a warm up, a stretch in the middle, and a cool down. All are thoroughly explained and well timed (believe me--you'll be grateful for that mid-workout stretch!).
--As someone with minimal modern dance experience and only slightly more ballet, I loved how the instructor broke down the technique and counts in each combination before we danced them. I really appreciate the instructor showing the moves from different angles and telling us what to watch for in our posture as well.
--I felt like I really did get a ''full body workout'' without being overwhelmed or bored by the content. No section was too long or too short.
--As a bellydancer, this dvd forced me to think outside my comfort zone and move in ways that I wouldn't normally.
--The background music was a bit strange, but not too distracting :)

My Only Hesitations:
--Although I only did the Level 1 dvd, I had to be careful to modify some of the content to suit my own body's grumbles. There was a lot of emphasis on turnout and flatbacks that could be troublesome for dancers with bad backs or knees, for example. While most dancers usually know their own bodies, I would hesitate to recommend this dvd to a brand new dancer who didn't have good body awareness. But that's just my opinion :)
--A dancer with no experience in ballet may have questions about some of the terminology used, but the instructor does a great job of explaining the technique anyway.