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    Which Dina-video to order? Any recommendations?

    So I want to order some Dina instructional videos, but Little Egypt has so many of them I am unable to choose - unfortunately my financial status doesnt allow me to order ALL of them ..g.:

    I have read on Bhuz before that the really old ones, "Dina in Dallas", are really good for Dinas trademark technique, but has anyone tried any of the newer ones ? I am mainly looking for breakdowns of her moves, more than an actual choreography.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Which Dina-video to order? Any recommendations?

    I don't know if this will help because I am not an expert on Dina, and you probably have done so yourself, but do any of her videos say instructional? Sometimes an artist's video doesn't say that and you have to figure it out yourself. I'm only saying this because I used to miss this definition, not to be sounding superior or treating you like you're stupid. I just had to play devil's advocate and ask ..l;,

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    Re: Which Dina-video to order? Any recommendations?

    I have seen her 2008 workshop! It looks pretty nice. Do not expect great visuals and audio quality. Her movements are visible.
    She does moderately break down the movements, although not in great detail. But some things of her style clicked with me somewhat - you do understand and "feel" her style way better. Even when it s not precisely broken down there are many repetitions and your style is better understandable than from watching performances only!
    I like that dvd.

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