Nadirah Johara
Belly Dance with Nadirah Johara: DFW, TX
Fort Worth and Dallas
~~ Nadirah Johara - Belly Dancer and Instructor, Belly Dance Fort Worth Dallas Texas Middle Eastern Dance ~~
Raqs Sharqi
specialties include cane, double cane, finger cymbals, sword, fire tray, fire eating, candle, pharonic, fans, tambourine, skirt dance, veil, among many others
Belly Dance Basics:
Mondays 7:15 - 8:15pm
This class is perfect for those who are just starting out! You will learn all the basic moves and technique of Belly Dance while having fun at the same time!

Belly Dance Fundamentals:
Mondays 8:30 - 9:30pm
After a year of Belly Dance Basics you are ready for Belly Dance Fundamentals! Here you will build on basic moves to create vibrant and dynamic movements & combinations!
PREREQUISITE: A minimum of 4 prior Belly Dance Basics classes with Nadirah Johara or at least 1 year prior experience. Basic vocabulary and movement execution is expected. Admittance to this class is by instructor permission!

Belly Dance Essentials:
Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:30pm
For the advanced level dancer and professional alike! This class explores the essence of the dance with in depth study and intricate detailing in movement, music, and culture! This class will focus on advanced level technique, combinations, music theory, and performance.
PREREQUISITE: At least 2 years of intermediate level of dance is required. Admittance to this class is by instructor permission and/or audition!

Classes are focused on each individuals goals. Group performances are available to those who desire to perform and are strictly voluntary. Performance rehearsals are held outside of regular class time. Performing is NOT required to attend class!

Private Lessons
Nadirah Johara is available to coach and instruct on a private and/or semi-private basis for all dance levels. She can teach the following:
-music interpretation
-performance coaching & polishing
Contact Nadirah for more information or further questions.

Nadirah is also available to instruct workshops locally and nationally. Please contact Nadirah for more information. Also check back for a schedule of upcoming workshops by Nadirah Johara!