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    Syrian bellydance style?

    I would like to ask - do you know something about Syrian bellydance style? Does it really exist? I ask becouse at my country (Poland) there is one instructor (very popular, one of the polish dance precursors) She is half Syrian and she claims that she teach Syrian bellydance style. In my opinion, her dance is rather Egyptian, but she uses a lot of decorated hands and arms movements (circles, waves, rolles, hand figure eights, movements similiar to Indian mudras). She says that it makes dance Syrian. She also sometimes does acrobatic figures, like splits. I found her as very good dancer, but I'm a little confused about this "Syrian style" I've never heard about it from other teachers and I didn't find any sources. Can you help me?

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    Re: Syrian bellydance style?

    My teacher was Syrian. She always referred to her style of dancing as Arabic dance. Heavy influenced by classical Egyptian dancers such as Tahia and Samia Gamal. She was also influenced by ballet in some of her turns and posturing. She did do splits and zar etc. No unique hand gestures to make it Syrian though. She really created her own unique style. And most of her steps she created herself.

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    Re: Syrian bellydance style?

    I don't think there is much of a Syrian belly dance style per se, but Syrians do dance, and I'm sure there are variations unique to them. They have their own styles of debke, and I assume one of the elements that makes their social solo dancing "Syrian" is that it picks up some of the flavor of Syria debke, just like Lebanese belly dance does for their style. This thread might have some useful information in it

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    Re: Syrian bellydance style?

    Syrian style? Some of the newer dancers are influenced by what they are doing in Lebanon but also with dancers from Egypt, like Dina. So you see a mix of these influences. Some Syrian dancers wear heels while others don't.

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    Re: Syrian bellydance style?

    I've danced for Syrians before, selected Egyptian music and was very well received.


    I've not heard of a Syrian "style" of BD, but I'm waiting for some education!


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