Tribal Revolution is in its fourth year and we're so excited!! This year's hafla will be better than ever and we're already getting tons of submissions! We had people requesting slots last June the minute we announced the dates and teacher lineup!!

Anyway, if you're interested in performing in the Tribal Rev hafla there are still spaces left, but not much time. All the info is up at
Tribal Revolution

This year's list of teachers:
Paulette Rees Denis (Gypsy Caravan--OR)
Amy Sigil (Unmata--CA)
Onca (Baraka Mundi & Mezmer Society--NC)
Elizabeth Ostteen (Tribe Marrakech--CO)
Audrey and Christina (Blue Lotus Tribe--IL)

and teaching music:
Camine Guida (Djinn and Turkish Band Camp All Stars--NY)
Melssa Murphy (Ishtar--PA)