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2010 NERS Bellydancer of the Year Competition: We are pleased to announce this year’s first annual NERS bellydancer of the year competition.

Date: APRIL 17th 2010
Time: 4pm—10pm
Location: Gamm Theater Pawtucket, RI

Competition will be in 3 main categories:
Amateur (Solo, or Troupe)
Pro Amateur (Solo, or Troupe)
Professional (Solo, or Troupe)
Also will be broken down into style category:
Egyptian, Turkish, Cabaret, Fusion, Tribal
You pick which categories you would like and know you will be judged on that category You may only appear in 2 categories

List of judges;
Najmat, Melina, Susi Good, Tava Auslan, Tempest, Jemileh Nour King, Amy Smith, Aradia and Neylan.

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Here is the sign up form for the event, along with guidelines, rules and regulations.

Dancers thank you for competing with us. You will be judged based on the category you choose to dance in, please be sure to check with your teacher about which category that may be best for you. You will be held responsible, and upheld to/for the category you pick. You may only compete in 2 categories. You may not perform in every category. Solo dancers will get 6-7 mins performance time. Troupes will get 7-10 mins performance time.
If you go over the time allowed your music will be cut off.

Entrance Fee For All Competitors:
NERS MEMBERS: $70.00 which includes 1 free guest pass.
NON NERS MEMBERS: $85.00 includes 1 free guest pass.

Ranking Is rated
1. a) the choreography (internal or external choreography allowed, but must be noted)
b) music / Theme Interpretation
c) Engineering and design
d) synchronicity / synchrony in duo / groups / formations
2. Broadcasting
3. Costume & exterior appearance. (It is not on the high value of the
Costume, but if for example subject-oriented, etc.)
Groups / formations will be evaluated as a unit. Solo dance deposits within the group choreography should not predominate, but are generally allowed.

Dancers Please Fill Out:
Full Name:
Professional Dance/Troupe Name:
Short Bio (30 words or less):
Website (if applicable):
What are you applying for?

Troupe Solo
Egytpian Turkish Fusion Tribal American Cabaret

Pro Amateur
Troupe Solo
Egytpian Turkish Fusion Tribal American Cabaret

Troupe Solo
Egytpian Turkish Fusion Tribal American Cabaret

~Please attach a picture of yourself to this form~

PAYPAL: THEDIVINEGODDESS@COX.NET - If you pay pal please add 5.00 for the fee paypal charges CHECK/MO: Maureen Alicea 113 PROVIDENCE AVE RIVERSIDE, RI 02915 PHONE: 401-632-6091

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