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    Events in Miwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis

    Hello fellow Bhuzzers!

    I will be travelling in the US from Canada and I'm looking for info on bellydance events happening in the three cities above during September and October. Any style of bellydance, any type of event (workshop, show, drop in class, whatever). If you have a link, that would be great! Would love to attend something while on the trip.


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    Re: Events in Miwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis

    Off the top of my head...

    SEPTEMBER in Illinois: Sphinx Haflas (contact bhuzzer, Egyptdancer), Hiptastic!2010 Festival w/special guest Elisheva of NYC [BellyQueen] (contact bhuzzer, [Nilaja] Theesfield(?)), Sonya of Arabesque Workshop in Cyrstal Lake (contact bhuzzer, Charisse/Zoh'ra)

    OCTOBER in Illinois: Sphinx Hafla (again--1st Saturday of every month:)), Haflaween (contact bhuzzer, Mahiraraks:))
    OCTOBER in Wisconsin: Northern Lights Festival @ Wisconsin Dells, w/Special Guest Aziza of Montreal (contact bhuzzer, Theesfield), Oriental Fantasy Gala Show & Workshops w/Horacio & Beata Cifuentes (contact bhuzzer, Shaia)
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    Re: Events in Miwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis

    Hi from Minneapolis!

    We have quite a few things going on in our community! One good place to check is the Guild of Oriental Dance website calendar ( )- many of the upcoming events are listed with specific information. Here's a quick run-down of events:

    Aug. 26-Sept. 5: Cassandra and Jawaahir are presenting "The Dark Nightengale," which is centered around the music of Abdul Halim Hafez. There will also be workshops presented by guest artists Nesma and Karim Nagi.

    September 12: The Guild is presenting a fundraiser festival to benefit a local battered women's shelter. For more information, check the Guild calendar. If you want to dance, contact me! (I'm the organizer.)

    Sept. 20 and 27-30: Cassandra's College (Classes and workshops are offered in topics that are important for dancers to learn but don't fall into the usual format of dance classes)

    Oct 10: Guild Open Stage festival at Mediteranean Cruise Cafe. (This date might be changing, I haven't gotten confirmation from the owner. Again, if you want to dance, contact me- I'm the festival coordinator, so I handle all of the monthly festivals.)

    Oct 17: Al Bahira (my troupe) is presenting the Spooooooooktacular Show! (Halloween-themed hafla).

    As for drop-in classes, many of us in the area teach weekly classes and allow drop-ins. For instance, I teach Level 1 in 2 locations and Level 2 and 3 in 1 location. I'd suggest finding out where you're staying and looking at the Guild website for teachers who are in that vicinity (or ask locals on Bhuz- there are a LOT of us!) when you know where and when you'll be here.

    For restaurants, there are a few that have weekly dancers. Mediterranean Cruise Cafe (Burnsville) has dancers every Thurs, Fri lunch, Fri, Sat, and Sun. Ansari's (Eagan), Beirut (South St. Paul), and Jerusalem's (Minneapolis) have dancers on Fri and Sat. (I'm dancing at Jerusalem's on Aug 27 and Sept 4.) There are also a couple that have occassional dancers- Afghan Restaurant in Crystal and The Shorewood in Fridley. (I'm one of the dancers at Afghan and have danced at the Shorewood a couple times.)

    Hope that helps! When you know your dates, let us know!
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    Blog Entries

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    Re: Events in Miwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis

    I am hosting a hafla on Saturday October 16th.

    I will also be teaching a zills workshop in Crystal Lake in September. Charisse/Zoh'ra is putting the details together.

    Here's my website:: Mahira

    Hopefully we can meet up while you are here. ..g.:
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    Re: Events in Miwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis

    Thanks ladies! Will check out all those wonderful links and hope I get to meet some of you on my trip!

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    Re: Events in Miwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis

    Would love to see you at Hiptastic! Sept 11th & 12th. And Northern Lights Bellydance Festival Oct 29-31. Hope you can make it! Let me know if you need any info on these 2 events.



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