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    Question Hello and looking to hear from any dancers who have had knee replacements

    I am an amature dancer in Pittsburgh - came to it later in life (purely for fun and fitness) but never had any thought of performing. Started performing in student shows after a couple of years and found that I really enjoyed it!

    So - I have had arthritis (RA and OA) since my mid 20's. I am 49. My left knee is to the point where the injections are no longer working, and based on my most recent MRI (I thought I tore something because the pain became so bad) I now need a total replacement. My knee doesn't really work, is in constant pain unless I baby it. I get around okay using a brace, but I'm generally a pretty active person and this isn't living. I've still been able to keep up with my yoga to some degree (and have actually ramped it up a bit as I can't really do anything else). I also dragon boat and kayak, but can't get in and out of the boats or leg drive in the dragon boat, so I haven't been on the water (which is killing me). My dancing has always been somewhat hampered by my bad knees, but now it has become impossible to do anything with my lower body (mayas, umi's, shimmies) without intense pain. I have been doing some upper body practicing (can always use improvement on my arms!) but miss dancing.

    Are there any dancers here who have had one (or both) knees replaced? What was your experience like. I have a fellow in my yoga class who has 2 artificial knees and he can kneel and pretty much do everything in class, which was very encouraging to me.

    I know I'm quite "young" for a knee replacement, but having arthritis for so many years (plus spending a number of years extremely overweight - 300+ lbs at 5'4" - since lost over 100 lbs which definitely helps, but the damage is done) I feel like I have the quality of life of an 90 year old not a 49 year old. I will eventually need the other knee done as it's on its way to being like the left one, but not right now.

    My knee is visibly crooked - if you look at the two of them, you can see how crooked the left is now (knocked in) and is about twice the size of the other. I need to get the replacement. My hope is that not only will it improve my yoga practice but also allow me to get back to the other activities I love.

    Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated. Surgery is Sept. 7. And yes, I'm nervous!!


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    Re: Hello and looking to hear from any dancers who have had knee replacements

    Hi Muzyarrah. Welcome to Bhuz.

    I haven't had a knee replacement but I know dancers who have and they are still dancing. I also know one dancer who had both hips replaced and she danced afterward, too.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. I hope that you are soon able to dance again and do the other actitivies that you love.
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    Re: Hello and looking to hear from any dancers who have had knee replacements

    Hello Muzyarrah

    My knee was smashed in an accident and, by serendipitously having a brilliant orthopedic surgeon, I had it rebuilt rather than replaced. However, I was in the same ward as other women with knee replacements. They healed faster than I, with less pain and more mobility. They were on crutches and walking within a day, I took almost a year and virtually had to learn to walk again.

    On meeting up with these ladies at physical therapy treatments later, they had a great range of movement, more flexibility, and absolutely no pain.

    That operation was 10 years ago, and I've met other knee replacement recipients since then. Without fail, they were on their feet within a day, with relatively little discomfort and a huge relief from the agonies they'd experienced before the operation.

    Best of luck with your operation. I'm sure it will go really well, and you will find a whole new joy in your dancing!
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    Re: Hello and looking to hear from any dancers who have had knee replacements

    Thanks everyone! I am really getting nervous as the day approaches and on the days when my knee isn't too bad I start wondering if I'm making the right decision. But then it will hurt a lot and I think about all the activities I'm missing, and I realize it is the right decision.

    I really hope that I can get back to dancing after a bit. I am actually working on my arms and belly work - those I can do :o) I'll just have to work on getting my shimmies back when I get my new knee!


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    Re: Hello and looking to hear from any dancers who have had knee replacements

    This thread is pretty dead, but my aunt and my mother have found great relief after finding this book:

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