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    Amira's Bhuz TV interview - Prenatal!

    Amira of Las Vegas speaks with us about her extensive prenatal belly dance DVD: Amira's Bellydance and Yoga for Pregnancy which is available for immediate download at

    Why did you want to make the program available for download on

    Amira: This DVD is my “baby”, I’m very proud of myself for making it and I
    put my heart into it, so, every outlet I can find to make it available
    for the world I use. Thank you BHUZ TV for making it available for
    downloads first time ever.

    What inspired you to make Amira's Bellydance and Yoga for Pregnancy

    Amira: I’ve been intrigued by the idea of birth and belly dance relation for a
    long time. Years ago when I first found out that belly dance sort of
    is “birth dance” it just all made so much more sense to me. I promised
    myself that if I ever get pregnant then this is what I will do- belly
    dance through my pregnancy and through birth, and so I did.
    To be honest, I’ve always been leery about western medical system
    in general, and after seeing a movie “Business of being born” my
    decision to stay away from doctors and hospitals during my own
    pregnancy and birth was absolutely certain. So, in 2008 when I found
    myself pregnant, I wholeheartedly dove into deep research of the
    roots of belly dance and birth. I read probably every article written
    about it, watched every video I could get hold of at the time (there
    was not many) and based on that I wrote the script for my own DVD.
    The original idea was to make 1,5 hour video but so it happened that
    the project culminated into 3,5 hours worth of material and I had to
    hold myself back not to make it even longer. So, I now tell people that
    giving birth to my baby was piece of cake next to the hard work I put
    into making this video, LOL. I do hope therefore that this material I
    have put together will provide missing pieces to answers many of us
    have had, and my ultimate hope is that it will give women strength to
    stand up for themselves, find confidence and courage to do what we
    are naturally designed to do- give birth and trust our own instincts.
    I gave birth at home with candlelight surrounded by few loving people,
    I used belly dance moves to get me through contractions, and it was
    the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. And since I had no drugs,
    doctors or interventions I also had no complications, no tears, no
    infections, no side-effects, no trauma, no seconds thoughts, no doubts
    and no regrets.
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    Re: Amira's Bhuz TV interview - Prenatal!

    What has the response from your viewers been like?
    Amira: The response has been tremendously warm and rewarding, it just
    makes all this hard work worth a while by receiving emails from
    women who have indeed found inspiration and help from this
    video. A lot of men who have gotten it for their wives have written
    and thanked me and it is very heartwarming. The DVD has been
    reviewed by several prestigious pregnancy magazines and belongs to
    many “recommended videos” lists.

    Is this program beneficial to dancers or teachers who are not currently

    Amira: Absolutely, since this video includes a lot of history of belly dance,
    and rarely seen images, it makes this video definitely valuable for
    anyone interested in finding out more about belly dance and its roots.
    Exercises in the video are gentle, therefore perfect for anyone trying to
    recover from an injury or looking for low impact workout. Among many
    other benefits, these exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles and
    help you to relax. Anybody looking to teach pre-natal classes could
    also greatly benefit from this video.

    You can find Amira's Bellydance and Yoga for Pregnancy at
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