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  1. An Entirely Possible Possibility

    by , 11-30-2011 at 08:38 AM (Kisses from Kairo)
    Until now, I’ve refrained from dabbling in political discussions about Egypt. Mainly because watching this so-called revolution unfold before my eyes elicits intense emotions. A year later and with elections currently underway, however, I don’t know how much longer I can keep silent without exploding. I mean, I didn’t get a degree in Middle Eastern politics for nothing. :)

    When Egyptians first took to the streets to overthrow Dictator Hosni Mubarak on Jan. 25th,

    Updated 11-30-2011 at 08:40 AM by Luna of Cairo

  2. Professionalism

    by , 11-23-2011 at 06:02 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by tantzyebatb View Post
    If we are looking to have more respect in the general dance community, we need to carry ourselves with a certain dignity as instructors. We need to temper our criticisms of other dances and dancers. Instructors are the public face of our dance. We are belly dance ambassadors and should not lower ourselves to uninformed biased declaratives. We can teach a lot by our behavior.
    Belly Dance Musings
  3. Finger Cymbals, Zagat, Zills...

    by , 11-22-2011 at 11:23 AM (Runa's Belly Dance Explorations)
    I am told that tonight we will be introduced to the Zagat for the first time. I have my bright, shiny new pair ready and waiting. Not sure how this is going to go. I expect mass chaos, confusion, and lots of uber-klutzy feelings and sounds.
  4. Fresh Thread with New Items-Tribal Fusion, DVDs, etc...

    by , 11-21-2011 at 01:43 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by nicolerichardson View Post
    Ooh-I actually did forget that the photographer snapped the picture of the back to get the back of the belt for me. The model is a tiny bit broader in the chest than I am. And I still have this fabric left. So if you need to add length to the ties I could do that for you-no charge. : )
    Bump! : )
  5. Hands on Henna Workshops-Great Falls Montana

    by , 11-19-2011 at 10:18 AM
    Aunya's Bellydance and Bedlah & Baubles Boutique will be hosting 2 hands on Henna Workshops taught by Raina of Zhashki Henna Saturday Nov. 26th. 10am-12pm Raina will be teaching the basics of design and application in the ancient practice of henna temporary body art. From 2pm-4pm she will be covering the different options for all natural chemical free hair color. For those interested in this class please wear and old top and bring a towel. Additional purchase required for products. The cost ...
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