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  1. Third Week in Continuing Beginner Level

    by , 08-08-2011 at 10:11 PM (Runa's Belly Dance Explorations)
    I was warned that the step from Beginner to Continuing Beginner was a steep and challenging one. I am certainly finding that this is true. It is rather intimidating how much faster paced everything is and how many completely new moves, combinations and choreographies are being thrown at me.

    However, I am still glad that I am taking the classes, even if I do feel a bit hesitant and even a bit fearful before each class begins -- sort of like being asked to climb up the high diving ...
  2. Scarlet's Lounge Bindis and Hair Accessories

    by , 08-08-2011 at 11:20 AM
    I have been having so much fun with craft time. I get lost in a world of fantasy and creation. It is very therapeutic and calming, and I love every minute of it.
    Lately I have been making bindis. I have a huge collection of antique glass cabochons, crystal rhinestones, and metal stampings, so I figured it was time to make something! I especially enjoy the process of creating something so small and complex at the same time. I never know where my mind will take me and what will be the final ...
  3. Morocco Academy of Mid-Eastern Dance, New York, NY 10011

    by , 08-07-2011 at 07:59 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by karimanadira View Post
    Karima Nadira
    Morocco Academy of Mid-Eastern Dance
    18 West 18 St, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10011
    Karima Nadira
    Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Shaabi, Folk
    Classes at Morocco Academy of Mid Eastern Dance are designed to distill MOROCCOs 50+ years of experience with Raks Sharki into an accessible format to help you get the most out of each class, to go beyond technique – learn how to infuse the dance with Eastern energy, how to generate movement from your
  4. My New Song Translation Service :)

    by , 08-07-2011 at 07:03 PM (Kisses from Kairo)
    Take your dancing to the next level with my new Arabic song translation service!

    Upon popular suggestion, I’ve finally decided to offer a song translation service. :) Now you can have ANY Arabic song translated & transliterated into fluent, native English. I provide accurate, precise translations, phonetic transliterations, and explain all idioms, terms, and cultural references that aren’t immediately intelligible to non-Arabic speakers. No more limited, awkward, online translations

    Updated 09-17-2011 at 10:34 AM by Luna of Cairo

  5. Top-to-Toe Business Revolution - Modernize and Improve my products

    by , 08-07-2011 at 01:08 AM
    Hey Gang,

    After an extended trip, I've returned to my home, and back to the drawing board, literally. This week, I'm working on an updated and modernized new drawing for my old book, Costuming From the Hip. The original drawing was made for me by a fellow art student when I was in college back in 1993. He was crazy for Japanese illustration, and I wanted something with more energy and life than the fashion illustrations I was working on for the body of the book. He drew a couple ...
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