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Costumes for sale that are so overpriced!

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by , 03-04-2012 at 08:28 PM (1109 Views)
I have bought a few costumes of late that I have gotten and upon inspection thought, 'you have got to be kidding me', I paid that much money for THIS?! REALLY?! Of course, it's not only on here, it is ebay and other pay a lot of money for a costume that looks great in the picture, get it and say.......WTF? It is one thing to pay $200 - $500 for a used Professional costume and have some things that need a little TLC, but when someone does a homejobby and charges PREMIUM price, you get it and tons of stones are missing, their basting is coming apart, they have covered a cheap bra with the seams falling apart, it's cheezy in every way....states that authentic stones, and yes there are, but then you come upon all the pieces with colored glass pieces, ugh. Where has the integrity and pride gone? I respect all the wonderful sisters that post disclosures, well done, on the other hand if you are a newbie to this community making or covering CRAP costumes that you think look good.....remember that in THIS WONDERFUL community of Belly Dance Sisterhood if you think your reputation can withstand the NEGATIVE publicity that WE can generate your way....then by all means, sell your closing PLEASE, we LIVE and LOVE our costumes and take great pride in workmanship! If you have reworked a costume and it is NOT professional, please disclose, if it is re-worked...please disclose, IF IT IS re- worked, please don't charge prices that are ridiculous!!!! Remember, KARMA is a powerful thing.

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