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why i make veils for almost free

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by , 12-17-2011 at 12:47 PM (1140 Views)
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Ohhh girls!!! I do remember us talking about Adnan before..I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a dance friend who has experienced teachings with Adnan :) Yes..I remember bringing a fire veil that I dyed to a three day workshop in Taos New Mexico ..he asked me to trade out for the workshop to a lighter silk (the fire veil was 6mm) . You're so's very difficult to explain the veil work that Adnan teaches ..he has asked me before to supply silks and also go with him to teach but because of my kids's something I'll have to wait on. But his teachings are so powerful..I've seen people who were not even dancers use the veils ..and also bellydancers who were accomplished veil dancers ..something about the light silk borders on life changing doesn't it? Between the band I used to tour with when I first moved to Colorado and Adnan..both sooo influenced the akai veils and 'timeline' ..even though Adnan knows I stuck to bellydance veils and offering the heavier weights on occasion (they dye different) ..but yes at the core is a deep love of dancing with LIGHT silk veil and i try to make comments here and there for dancers to try it out, or go to Adnan for guidance. Did you know Eva Cernik was also a student with Adnan? I did two private lessons and one public workshop with Eva at her house in Colorado and learned more about "dancing with silk" than with any other instructor. it's not technique or butterfly spins...YOU know what I mean. It's guidance into a relationship with silk. Similar can be achieved by taking a light silk out in the wind (preferably a pretty spot that is peaceful ) ..but as you know it's just the beginning.

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