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what it is like where i live and work

how we were taught in the" old days"

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by , 02-03-2011 at 10:46 AM (2162 Views)
the first dancers i saw were at the fez in hollywood calif. the show opened with marta shill, then there was feruiz aram , then laura best who was my first teacher. now i can only speak for how I was taught and what that was where I was magic! the dancers from the top resturants were the teachers . i had the extra edge due to janaeni coming from a strong ethnic community back east. she had stories and she had skills passed from "the horses mouth"...i keep it alive .
we had live music...the only recorded stuff was on, well records and they were not for dancers or students.the recordings we trained on were for the ethnic living here to be close to home. there were no "american" bands so to worked with say 5 in a band each from another place in the middle east , eastern europe..they TOLD us what to do and where to do it. the families ran it all . grandmas coming out of the kitchen to show you how they want the veil , with a table cloth....they would agrue over what songs were to be in your set.funny , they argued over the same song...just another way of saying the title or playing a rendition.that was and still is a great foundation .

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