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what it is like where i live and work

mean people suck...all towns are not alike!!!

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by , 03-30-2011 at 11:09 AM (1712 Views)
YES !..we have to take a civil was re enactment to heart ! is the second largest in the USA..1st being gettysburg. when it hits the same week end as ANYTHING...all media etc. is on them..not to mention all hotels are full.
we have the second largest hmong community as well. when general pows funeral took a month here....the town was packed and nothing else got much attention.
we do not get "big names" ..what ever that means...anyone can print their name real is whats behind it...the talent or if they do or teach something we need.
this takes me back ...years ago i was accused ..on bhuz...of organizing a boycott of a workshop..??????????? have self centered ! all we have to do is sit around and think of how to hurt others???????
besides, kami little ? interest..thats the last i ever heard of such events here.
the studio is large enough to support it's own events...if we have room, we open it up..but to who?....there are only 5 studios in fresno....2 tribal, 2 with set routenes. we are the only old school.
oh wait..there was a workshop ..2 days called "my left hip" have to pay to go to the left?..we do EVERYTHING on both legs..going all directions...what a rip off !
each studio has it's own shows....performances, haflas , one attends each one is "invited" to teach is a small town run by churches ...
mean people suck !..if your town is set up in another ! i am not going to challange you...what do i know about "there"? NOTHING!
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