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    Performance Prices

    If a troupe of 3 or 4 dancers performs for 45ish min. at a cafe / club, what would a good price be??? Should we have a base rate plus tips??? Keep in mind this place does not charge a cover, so we can't make money that way . . . . Advice, please!

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    Re: Performance Prices

    This should give you an idea of how much ONE dancer charges in your area. These are for mostly 20 minute or so shows. Note that there is a sizable difference between a weekly venue and a one time event.

    While tips are yours, they are appreciation from the audience and not to be confused with proper professional compensation from the venue/host.

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    Re: Performance Prices

    Thank you Samira for jumping on that so quickly. Your article is well written.

    Pay for professional performances should NEVER include tips from the audience. Those are extra bonuses. They are also unpredictable and unreliable and can not be counted on to adequately compensate a professional dancer for her time (show, travel, getting ready), costuming, music library, and all the training that brought her to a high enough level of dance that she can charges for her performances.

    Also, it is very important to stick with the professional rates established in your area by other professionals. Never undercut, regardless of the excuse, because it brings everyone down for years. Never accept less than the going, professional rate just to get a gig. Clients and dancers need to understand that you get what you pay for. If you're not comfortable asking the going rate, you need to reconsider if you are truly ready to get paid for your performances (since that is a big part of what defines a professional dancer).

    Good luck. Remember, the dance community is generally a very supportive one. Don't be afraid to call up an established pro in your area and ask for her advice directly.

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