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Thread: Looking for work as an instructor

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    Looking for work as an instructor

    I was wondering, as a new instructor, looking to work in a dance studio, is sending an email to the dance studio owner not professional or is it ok? I've sent emails to regular job ads but I was wondering if in the world of dance this was also accepted. Also, if you decide to work freelance as opposed to being a studio employee, is it better to set up your own business, for example set up your own LLC so you can receive payments? Has anyone done that? Thank you so much!

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    Re: Looking for work as an instructor

    Many studios will prefer to have you rent space from them and publicize and manage your own classes. Some will want to hire you. In no way is it unprofessional to send an email, but a letter in an envelope might be more reliable -- your email may be trapped by their spam filter.

    If you are freelance and want to be legal, you will need to be a business of some type with a tax number you can use as needed, and you will need insurance. We are an LLC. Some states don't allow one-person LLCs, some do. If you have a local Small Business Administration office they can often give you info specific to your locale.

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    Re: Looking for work as an instructor

    Thank you! ok, I'm going to find out in my state about the LLC's, thanks for the info!

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