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Thread: Travel vending advice/tips

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    Travel vending advice/tips

    Hello, I just started a costume making supplies business and was thinking about becoming one of those vendors at belly dance events. But I know little about vending at these events and what you need to get started. Any advice from people who vend at these events would be appreciated. Also if you are a costumer at these event what are your likes and dis-likes about event vendors. Thanks!

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    Re: Travel vending advice/tips

    Well, I'm not a vendor, so I'm not sure I have a ton to contribute, but I do organize events and I can tell you a few things I've observed.

    The most successful vendors are well organized and very professional. They have business licenses, insurance, & websites. They pay their taxes and take their customer service seriously. They plan ahead for events and work hard to keep their expenses down.

    I'm not sure how far into this process you are, but I'd suggest you start small and vend at some local or regional events. Don't assume that a big event = big money. That isn't always the case. I've seen vendors make a lot and a little. It typically has way more to do with their attitude and sales experience than it does their prices or merchandise.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Travel vending advice/tips

    hi Toria, not to discourage in person vending but if you are starting out, an online store is super cheap . I might vend in person more if I lived on the mainland but honestly am so busy filling online orders that I don't know how I'd ever take a week off to vend in person :) One other thing you may consider too is buying ad space in event programs.

    Again not trying to discourage you from vending but online is minimal cost up front unless you buy a lot of inventory :)
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    Re: Travel vending advice/tips

    Thank you for the advice.

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