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    This is the first in an occasional series about getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

    In this installment: What kind of advertiser am I? What type of advertising would suit me best?

    There are 2 types of advertisers - Awareness Advertisers and Newsflash Advertisers.

    Awareness Advertisers need to always keep their names out there so that when potential clients get an itch to purchase a costume, book talent for an event, or buy a DVD, that advertiser is guaranteed to be in the running since the client has recently seen their name, and the client knows where to find their ads if they need a reminder.

    In marketing lingo this is called "Top of Mind Awareness". Awareness advertisers are costume vendors, workshop instructors, studios, bands, DVD producers, and magazines.

    When Suzy Sponsor wakes up at 3am with a brilliant idea for her next big event, she remembers your name as a potential workshop instructor. When Paula ProDancer looks at her costume closet with disgust, she'll remember the ad she saw with your gorgeous new costume collection. You never know when your potential clients will want to make a purchase. This is why Awareness Advertisers need to always have a campaign going, without a break.

    One mistake we see Awareness Advertisers make too often is that they do not keep their campaigns and other marketing materials fresh. When you think about the billions of dollars spent on new ads by Awareness Advertisers like Coke and Pepsi it makes you think about how you should frequently be trying to capture and recapture your potential clients' attention.

    Newsflash Advertisers are primarily event producers. We are talking here about producers of large events that draw participants regionally, nationally, or internationally, not solely local events. These advertisers need to get the word out about a specific event in a timely manner.

    What kills events? Inadequate advance notice to potential clients. It is not enough to promote an event 4-5 months in advance. In a best case scenario, event promotion starts between a year and eight months before the event. While it might seem to the event promoter that everyone waits until the last minute to book their spots, in reality, dancers have started deciding what event they want to go to and saving money for that event very far in advance.

    When advertising an event, roll out your marketing in stages and keep the budget under control. Saving the "big guns" for last and not doing real promotion well in advance is a guaranteed way to have a disappointing turn-out. Always, always, always keep your local dance scene in the loop by posting your event information to whatever medium your local scene uses to communicate - and do it frequently enough that people won't forget (but don't overdo it!). After that, a featured event on Bhuz plus your flyers and postcards will work for a few months. Within six months of the event, be sure that you have your Bhuz Featured Event Bundle (a discounted bundle with word ad, newsletter ad, and picture ad) in addition to your magazine ad, facebook event, flyers or postcards, and so on.

    What type of advertising should I do?

    Do you have a question for our marketing experts? We'll be happy to answer it in the next installment of Bhuz Marketing Tips for the Bellydance Business. Just drop us an email at bhuzmail@gmail.com with "marketing tips" in the subject line.

    Q: I am an up-and-coming workshop instructor who would like to get booked for more workshop gigs. What kind of advertising should I do?

    A: You need a picture ad on Bhuz to build awareness. Be sure that it links to your attractive site that features clearly shot video clips and pertinent information. Update your picture ad every three months by changing the photo or listing your upcoming engagements. You should also be sure that your events are listed on our free events calendar, or better yet, as Featured Events. The more that workshop sponsors see that you are being booked, the more interested they will be in you.

    Q: I am an established workshop instructor and I want to stay at the top of my game. Do I even need to advertise?

    A: Yes! Yes, you do! Even if everyone is already aware of your services, you might not instantly come to mind when they start thinking of talent to book. Keeping a fresh ad will keep you looking fresh and keep people coming back to you.

    Q: I own a local studio in Niceville, North Dakota. I would like to get more local clients to my local studio. What advertising should I do?

    A: I would recommend you use our free local class listings, but you don't need a picture ad or other paid ad on Bhuz.com for LOCAL classes. You should be using your local marketing options - the most important of which is highly visible signage at your (hopefully!) well-located place of business. Also think about newspapers, LOCAL websites, flyers, TV and radio, and direct mail. That said, if you are throwing an event where you want dancers from your region or beyond to attend, or if you want to establish your studio as the Mecca of bellydance in your region, you absolutely should advertise on Bhuz. Bhuzzers are the true bellydance enthusiasts from around the world (there are over 28,826 members and thousands more unregistered viewers), so if you want to get established in the world of bellydance, you want to get established on Bhuz.

    In our next installment: How do I create an effective marketing plan specifically for my type of bellydance business? Plus: the big secret of making marketing work.
    Learn more about advertising on Bhuz.com here.

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