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    Question Talk to me about: Rozerem

    Okay, I'm a long term insomniac. All my life I have had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, coupled with nightmares & night terrors. I have PTSD and anxiety related issues that effect my sleep. My current sleep cycle is also complicated by a hormone suppression therapy that I am undergoing to treat endometriosis, insomnia being a side effect. I've done all kinds of natural sleep therapy and have been able, at times, to sleep chem-free. But for 20 out of my 33 years, I have primarily needed a chemical sleep aid to manage my sleep cycle. I enjoyed almost 2 years of chem-free sleep recently, but for the past year or so, I am back on sleep cycle that relies on a sleep aid for a variety of reasons.
    I don't want advice on natural sleep vs. chem-assisted sleep. I know the risks, benefits, and debate. Right now, I'm on a chem-assisted sleep cycle and that's that. I thank you in advance for accepting my decision to go the pharmaceutical route and focusing on prescription/western sleep aids.
    I've always/ mostly relied on ambien for chem-assisted sleep. I have used melatonin successfully for a more natural assisted sleep in previous phases when I have been able to attempt chem-free sleep. My doctor recently suggested trying rozerem which is a pharmaceutical version of melatonin.
    I'm looking for folks to share their experiences--plusses and deltas--with rozerem and/or other prescription sleep aids for long-term insomnia & night-terrors. I'm particularly concerned about the hormonal side effects that rozerem users have reported. I have follow up calls into both my psych. practitioner and my ob/gyn to address these questions but Bhuzzers always know so much more...
    If you have ideas to share that are more personal or private, please PM or email me at,s::,s::,s::,s::,s::,s::,s::,s:: I hope!

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    Re: Talk to me about: Rozerem

    Thanks so far to all the folks who've sent info via PM! Please keep the thoughts and feedback coming. And I promise to update on my experience.

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