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    Cracking and popping joints

    I've been working out and dancing (and stretching) more lately, but along with stronger muscles I'm also having a LOT more cracking and popping joints, especially in my ankles, knees and groin. It doesn't really hurt, it's usually a relief once it pops (especially the groin one), but I'm wondering if more people have experienced this?

    Not talking about the cracking on purpose though. I do pop my fingers on purpose, not such a good thing, I know. I used to crack my neck on purpose, happy I got rid of that habit!

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    Re: Cracking and popping joints

    it could be a sign that you're not hydrated enough. are you drinking enough water?

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    Re: Cracking and popping joints

    I saw a show on back doctors. They were questioning if Chiropathics was truley a usefull thing. What was said when you heard the popping sound in joints it was air being let into them and out.

    I have the clacking on one of my ankles when doing raises in warm ups. Yes, I also have kness pops too on occasion. I am hoping it will stop as I workout more as I have not used those muscles much expet for walking.

    Make sure to drink enough. But if you are worried talk to your doctor about it and maybe take some cartilage pills.

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    Re: Cracking and popping joints

    There are several reasons for popping of joints. Yes, one is releasing air / gas. Another is incorrect alignment.

    When I was studying ballet, Every time I warmed up I knew I needed to hear certain pops and pings. If I didn't I hadn't warmed up something properly.

    By the same token, if I am clicking and popping in my right hip as opposed to my left one, I know that my right hip - which is perpetually out of alignment - has gotten further out of alignment and will start hurting soon.

    I also take triple flex. I believe that with all the dancing, etc I have done in my life, my joints need all the help they can get!


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    Re: Cracking and popping joints

    This may be helpful. My joints have always popped, now a bit more than when I was younger. I never worried about it but I guess it seemed strange to my mom since she once asked the orthopedic doctor if there was something wrong with them. He said it was normal. :) I'm also very active and so far I haven't had a problem and hope to stay that way, just popping more than other people! :)

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    Re: Cracking and popping joints

    as a ballerina, everything i owned popped. i couldn't begin a ballet class without popping my hips. i looked like a dilapidated lobster trying to fly. but oh the relief....
    i was told by a holistic doctor that there was a depletion of lubricant on my joints which was causing the crack...don't know how true that is.
    but honestly, my hips have been cracking for over ten years and my ankles for just as long....nothing really unless there is pain, i wouldn't worry about it.


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