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Thread: Energy drinks?

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    Energy drinks?

    Do any of you drink Red Bulls, Monster drinks, or any of those supposedly energizing drinks? I've tried them a few times and couldn't tell the difference. Maybe I'm already as high energy as I'm going to get, and by the time I'm exhausted enough to try the drinks then I'm too far gone for them to help.

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    Re: Energy drinks?

    I drink Red Bull sometimes, but mainly cuz I like the taste, not cuz it gives me energy... When I go out though I combine it with Red Vodka, and whenever I do that, and it's time to go to sleep, I'm bright awake :s Sometimes with palpitations... But it's possible that this happens to me cuz I'm not used to caffe´ne ;)

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    Re: Energy drinks?

    For better or worse, I've picked up the habit of having a sugarfree Redbull a few times a week.

    One thing I've noticed is that the do NOT make my heart race. Generally I am very hyper sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants. However, they do seem to raise my energy level without a crash afterwards.

    However, I drink only the smallest size. I don't think I want to find out what happens if I drink the giant size.

    Be aware that if you get the regular sugared version you're getting a huge dose of sugar. No more than soda I guess.

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    Re: Energy drinks?

    I think they're largely caffeine and marketing.

    We have a lot of "energy shots" here these days that come with warnings about limited use and are packaged to look as much like drugs as possible. They taste fairly vile.

    I've used energy drinks when very hungover and they seem to help a bit, but they're really not massively different than Coke, they just taste different.

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    Re: Energy drinks?

    The last time I drank one of those, I got a killer migraine. (And no more of an energy boost than a cup of coffee). So I don't touch energy drinks with a ten-foot pole.

    Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, OTOH, is like liquid crack for me. It makes me very hyper. I have no idea why, because they don't put anything in it. (To the best of my knowledge anyway - LOL). So that's what I pick if I need a boost.

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    Re: Energy drinks?

    i agree with zumarrad. most of these energy drinks are just sugar and caffeine. i rarely drink caffeine (the ocassional iced coffee or soda once a month or so) so i know when i have some, i get really hyper lol

    but apple juice is said to work better as a pick-me-up than coffee though and i drink that on a regular basis.

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    Re: Energy drinks?

    Sugar and caffeine with a few amino acids to make it sound scientific.

    My first choice is to take straight Taurine (from Whole Foods) to keep me awake. If I am really tired or know I need energy all night, I reach for a Monster and it keeps me going for 6-8 hours. Redbull and vodka is a good option too. I try to limit this to once or twice a month.

    Once I had a cold but went to see a band in a mountain town anyway. I was on an adrenaline rush (due to icy windy mountain roads) when I bought the energy drink around 6pm. I couldn't fall asleep until about 3 or 4 am and was terribly annoyed because I was so friggin tired!

    Note that I drink the equivalent of one cup of caffeinated coffee a day, and am trying to cut back. I only drink energy drinks when we'll be partying all night/pulling an all-nighter.

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    Re: Energy drinks?

    Like Turkish coffee better.

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