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Thread: "The Bar Method" class

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    "The Bar Method" class

    i have gone to 6 "The Bar Method" classes. those cute young ex-ballerinas are getting me stronger and straighter!! more power in the new year and less injuries. My chiropractor i saw yesterday said my scoliosis is good( not as bad as it gets some times??). They have exercises/isolations for arms, back, lower and upper abds, legs and all parts of the gluts. The individual classes are expensive( $22) but it includes the teacher coming around to correct technique and posture. I signed up for a package of 24 classes that knock the price down to $15.50 apiece. I guess i do better w/ a live teacher ---i buy dvds w/ good intentions but i seldom use them. I think this is getting out of my practicing slump. And i did a show on 12/14 and my BD teacher said she liked my posture and "presence"-----so i think it's all good. Any comments? I know a few other BD taking similar classes.
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    I'm doing a barre-pilates fusion workout called Barre Boston at a local studio--it has completely changed me as a dancer. I knew where my deep abs were before, but I didn't really know how to engage them. My balance is better, my legs are stronger and I even think longer, my feet are stronger, my upper back strength has improved and thus so has my posture. It's a great class that makes me sweat buckets.

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