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    I need some insipration, anyone else?

    Anyone want to buddy up for a week or two and motivate each other to eat right?

    I completely binged over the holidays, and I have a vacation weekend coming up and that will not be a light eating weekend. After that, I have one more night that I will not restrict myself, but all the rest of the days, I want to do right by my body. it's hard to ignore that craving for chocolate. if I have a buddy that is sticking with me I would be more dedicated. anyone want to be my health partner for 2 weeks?

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    Re: I need some insipration, anyone else?

    Sure, I am a complete chocolate addict. Right now I have the following types of chocolate in my fridge-
    lindt lindor squares,
    lindt lindor balls,
    a block of swiss milk with hazelnuts,
    a box of dark choc mint thins,
    dark choc covered marzipan,
    a block of coffee flavoured double layer choc,
    some assorted xmas chocs I would eat if i was desperate
    and today i finshed a couple of choc covered turkish delights.

    it's not chocolate, but I do have three boxes of turkish delight in the cupboard
    Is that the sign of a problem or what!

    I have two performances in a ciouple of weeks and i don't want to move the hooks on my cossie so i am in :D

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    Re: I need some insipration, anyone else?

    How do we do this? I'd love to join..

    1)Been walking every morning on the beach (except day)

    2) Started using agave instead of sugar in morning coffee

    3) tapering off antidepressant (slightly unrelated )

    4) except for one slip cut out all beef (chicken is next)

    5) any PARENTS who want to share ideas on how to get the little ones to eat healthy too ?
    Owner/creator specializing in silk veils for dancers

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    Re: I need some insipration, anyone else?

    Go on that site I mentioned in another thread. There are a lot of things "pinned" about fitness motivation. Pictures of a figure you can inspire too, exercise routines to try, healthy flavored water recipes.

    I'm low-carbing for 2 weeks leading up to a gig, and I might come back and tell how I feel at the end of it.

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    Re: I need some insipration, anyone else?

    well I am binging for my birthday vacation this weekend, and when I come back, I am making a birthday cake for my tuesday might be my start day..but I might wait until the 23rd to cut out carbs. I think that would be a good idea, but really difficult for me.

    So maybe I'll start exercising in Jan, then carb cutting in Feb so that my energy level doesn't drop completely and cause me to binge. because I have weak willpower sometimes.

    So....Feb? emotional support fitness month?


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