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    Lightbulb Yamuna Body Rolling - Highly Recomend

    I've made it a goal to attend a yoga class once a week since last fall. I have found it to be the only way I can keep my back happier. The teacher sometimes uses balls by Yamuna...they are magic. I ended up ordering some stuff from her website and LOVE it.

    I'd highly recommend trying her foot savers and foot walkers. I ended up buying the back kit. The balls really help you stretch and break up muscle tightness. I've used two different types of foam rollers. The softer blue one and a high density black. They are good but the balls work better for me. I am noticing a difference in my left foot. That side tends to lean in toward my midline and cause some problems. I've been working with the foot savers and foot walkers every day a few times a day and it's really helping.

    The downside - $$$
    I'm considering it a really early birthday present. I'll save money on the osteopath (hopefully) by using this method. It's like giving yourself a deep tissue massage. I wish there were a certified instructor close to me. I found one over an hour away and might take a trip this summer for a private lesson.

    Anyone else tried her stuff?

    Home - Yamuna Body Rolling

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    Re: Yamuna Body Rolling - Highly Recomend

    How is this different than a regular foam body roller? Or a tennis ball?? I use a body roller regularly on my legs and agree that it can do wonders. They're not that expensive.

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    Re: Yamuna Body Rolling - Highly Recomend

    I like the foam rollers. To me the balls are a step up. They can really pinpoint and work a smaller area better. They get in between my shoulder blades and right on my sternum. You use them differently. The upper back DVD has you use a black ball in the center of your chest to your collar bone, armpit, etc and working you way out and around to the center spine then back again. She uses the breath to help the process. There is a feature on the website that can help locate a teacher or studio near you.

    I feel like it's a stronger release for the muscles than the roller was for me. I have some old injuries that are problematic for me.

    Edited - I just did the Hip DVD. You can really work the joint. It's amazing. My left hip has more movement now. The smaller ball allows you to pinpoint certain areas. It's like using an artist's brush vs a barn brush.
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