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Thread: torn meniscus

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    torn meniscus

    hi everyone...
    so i have a torn ligament (the er dr thought it might be the meniscus) in my knee. i haven't seen my pcp yet.

    anyone have this problem? and how long did you have to take off from dancing? i'm sad! i wanna DANCE!!

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    Re: torn meniscus

    No advice but hope you heal up quickly
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    Re: torn meniscus

    It is almost impossible to estimate how long it would take to recover from a knee injury, because it depends so much on what kind of injury it is, how severe it is, how diligently you do what you're prescribed, and whether there are other factors complicating the situation. The recovery time could be anything from a couple of days for a mild strain, to years if it's a really severe injury that requires extensive medical intervention to correct.

    Since it sounds like there may be some confusion at this point about whether it is a ligament injury or a cartilage injury, how quickly they're able to determine which one it is can make a difference. Your doctor may use some of the same treatments either way, but if it is a meniscus tear, it will probably need to be addressed surgically. The correction for a small tear (basically a "hangnail" of cartilage flapping around in the joint) isn't a big deal, though. It's done arthroscopically, and you're usually up walking without crutches in a day or two, with a typical full recovery window of a couple months, but again, it varies.

    This is the second knee thread this week, so in case folks don't want to repeat themselves, there's more information here: Torqued knee from Turkish Drop

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