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    Shimmy Drill Songs

    What are your favs? Looking for some new shimmy drill songs of various lengths.

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    Tabla Competition is only 3:09, but the rhythm is consistent throughout.

    [ame=] Tabla Competition: Various Artists: MP3 Downloads[/ame]

    The Class Lists section of has great suggestions for drills.

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    Not that I recommend this on a daily basis, but I couldn't get off my lazy duff the other night, so I motivated myself by doing my shimmy drills to Lady Gaga

    Most of the time, I actually like some of that repetitive "Gay Disco" techno BD music because it has a good steady beat for sustaining a shimmy. Anything by Turbo Tabla, Harem or Said Mrad is good brainless music that's fun to shimmy to before moving onto more serious tunes!

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    Not Middle Eastern, but ideal for the purpose nevertheless: Hip Shake, by the Rolling Stones.

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    Suhaila's Remix CD is the BEST for drills. Zill drills, shimmy drills - it has five songs of various speeds, ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, each with their own steady beat. I use Stamina (20 minutes) for shimmy drills all the time.

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    Any thing by Dick Dale. ;-)

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    I use Stamina all the time in classes.

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    Quote Originally Posted by anala View Post
    Any thing by Dick Dale. ;-)
    I use "Miserlou" and "Hava Nagila" by Dick Dale in my beginning classes, they always make me smile and students get a kick out of them, too.

    I also like Pulse of the Sphinx by the Henkesh Brothers:

    The Henkesh Brothers | Pulse of the Sphinx | CD Baby

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    hizzy mazbout, it's right in the name! ^_~
    and, although over-used: chicky

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    Ooh check out these gems - all very high energy with a consistent pace

    Telegrafin Telleri by Turbo Tabla from the Belly and the Beat
    Pyscho Dancer & Oriental Fire by DJ Kambo from Arabian Spices are very nice
    Mazamir by Body Shock from The Bellydance Project
    Sands of Time by Ametrine from Desert Starlight

    Just a few off the top of my head :)

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs


    -any of the fast songs on Moon Moth Mixes

    -Cedars of Lebanon

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    I use Rhythms from the CD: Reference in Bellydancing, Traditional Arab dances -Nadia Gamal 7:32 minutes. I never tire of it

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    Re: Shimmy Drill Songs

    These are some of my faves:

    1) "Chicky" by Oojami
    2) "Desert Euphoria" by Giacomo Bondi
    3) "Move - Oriental Remix" by Said M'rad
    4) "Cedars of Lebanon" by Jef Stott

    I believe 2 & 4 are on the Electric Oasis 2 album, which I know you can download through - excellent album all around!!

    I hope that helps! :)

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