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    Question Music featuring the clarinet

    Hi, everyone! I've just been watching Ranya Renee's "Live at the Hookak Lounge" and the band includes a fantastic clarinetist. I played the clarinet from elementary school through college. So what songs feature the clarinet? I'm partial to it!


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    Re: Music featuring the clarinet

    That is one of the most touching musicians I have ever heard, and even had the pleasure to hear live and take a class with, Souren Baronian. He is fabulous, and I could babble on how awesome he is for hours.

    He plays on Dalia Carella's Shuvani CD, he can be seen on Aszmara's incredible Live DVD, and he has recorded a number of CDs with his band Transition. Get them all! And, search for Aszmara and Folktours on Youtube and Google, there is are some great videos out there featuring this humble musician who deserves to be recognized a lot more!!!

    As for other clarinet players that are truely great, check out Mustapha Kandirali, Deli Selim, Selim Sesler, Husnu Selenderici, Somali Mustafa, the Erkose Ensemble and Gus Vali.
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    Re: Music featuring the clarinet

    Not really a musician for belly dance (although Luna danced to an amazing piece by him on one of the By Dancers for Dancers), but I am crazy about Ismail Lumanovski.

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    Re: Music featuring the clarinet

    Hear hear! Those are awesome recommendations and some great players. Heart-rendingly good live (I've gotten to hear Souren, Ismail and Selim all live - a-freakinnnmaaaazing each!)

    I think you can find many of these artists on CD Baby and

    Ismail is with the NY Gypsy All Stars (look for em on myspace). You may also want to check out the band Anistar (also on myspace).

    You can study in person with Souren at Folk Tours Music & Dance Camp (which is awesome - Ismail has occasionally made an appearance there as well for the concert) USA Events - FolkTours
    and sometimes at Mendocino's camp:
    Middle East music culture dance seminar bellydance folklore folk dancing

    And another resource for your own study is this page put up by the clarinet player in Ishtar, Melissa Murphy (you might want to check out her band's music too:
    Bellydance Sheet Music

    Yay for great clarinet!
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    Re: Music featuring the clarinet

    Clarinet seems to be more prominent in Turkish, Greek, and Armenian music than in Arabic music. ARP, a small record label based in Michigan that caters mostly to Armenian music, might have something like what you are looking for--for example, this title with Mal Barsamian: Welcome to American Recording Productions - Mystical Veil.

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    Re: Music featuring the clarinet

    Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! I really appreciate it!


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