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How to Advertise on BHUZ

BHUZ offers you unbeatable advertising exposure to the belly dance market.

Special Sale if you book your ad by June 24!
We will add one month FREE when you purchase 3 months of any type ad (except the Treasure Box)!

Ads on BHUZ actually WORK. Your ad on BHUZ will bring clients directly to your website and will result in increased sales.

* More than 1000 belly dance enthusiasts are on BHUZ at any time, and at peak times more than 3000 viewers are on the site

* Ads on BHUZ have a very high click rate. Your ad will appear many thousands of times a month and get hundreds of clicks every month. A year long campaign will be viewed millions of times and will receive thousands of clicks. Ads on BHUZ give you more exposure to your target market than comparable ads on Google, at MUCH lower cost!

* All of our ads are visible to the general public as well as to members

I have seen a marked rise on site hits and increased sales and the only thing I did was place this ad on your site! Thanks! --- David of Dhavir.com - February 9, 2010

Read the details below, then go to the BHUZ Shopping Cart to place your order.

Ad Types

TREASURE BOX - Maximum exposure! This section has a click rate about 4 times higher than regular ads. Feature your product on the Front Page, right in front of everyone who visits BHUZ. The Treasure Box also appears after the first post of every thread on every page. Promote a special sale or featured item to over 260,000 viewers every month with a picture linked to your website. Send us a picture up to 275 wide x 200 high pixels. Optional short text underneath.

PICTURE ADS run on most of the thousands of BHUZ.com pages. Ad placement is generated randomly and changes every time a page is refreshed. The top 6 positions on the Forum are reserved for always-on-top placement at an extra charge. All picture ads share a space - usually 2 advertisers per space.

WORD ADS on the Travel or Featured Event Forums - Your events, with detailed information, will be listed on the BHUZ Front Page Forums, with click-thru to your website.áTo advertise here, create a new thread in these forums and follow the instructions.

RETAIL SWAP MEET FORUM & FRONT PAGE SHOPPING BOX - Stores and commercial vendors can post in the Retail Swap Meet section of the Forum Shopping category. Add your own pictures, links, and descriptions of items for sale. This is a very affordable and effective way to reach your customer. Your post will also appear in the Shopping box on the Home Page of the site.


Treasure Box $60 $200 $1025 $1800
Always on Top Picture n/a $90 $405 $702
Regular Placement Picture n/a $65 $293 $507
Retail Shopping Forum n/a $35 $200 $385
Featured Event Word ad n/a $35 $200 $385
Travel Word Ad n/a $35 $200 $385

AD PACKAGES ľ Run any TWO or more ad types and you will get 10% off your entire order for any campaign length

DESIGN SERVICE We can create picture ads for you for just $50 for an animated ad.

PAYMENT: All prices are in U.S. dollars. We will email you an invoice through Paypal. You can complete payment with Paypal, Western Union, or send a check by mail. Ads are posted upon receipt of payment. Six months contracts can pay in two equal installments. Year long contracts can pay in three equal installments.

FREE ADS The Swap Meet section of the Forum is for individuals to post free notices about bellydance related items to sell or give away. This is only for individuals selling previously worn costumes and accessories from their own closets. BHUZ is supported exclusively through paid advertising, so any vendor MUST pay for their ads.

Teachers and Performers are welcome to post a free listing for their businesses. Go to the appropriate forum, make a new thread, and follow the directions.

Use the free Event Calendar to post your events and send out invitations.


Picture Ad Specifications -- send us a .gif or .jpg file -- 150 wide x 200 tall pixels -- maximum 100 KBs. We will make it click thru to your website, placed in rotation on all BHUZ ad pages. You can send ads pictures for the same space, and change pictures every 4 weeks to freshen up your spot. Please have no more than 3 image changes in an animation.

Word Ad Specifications - Create a new thread for Featured Events or Travel ads and fill it up with as much information as you care to.

To use the Retail Swap Meet, go to the Retail Swap Meet Forum and create a post with your info and pictures. Click on "contact us" at the bottom of the page and tell us how long you want your ad to run. Also send the Paypal address for the bill. We will send you a bill thru Paypal (you canpay by check if you prefer - just let us know). As soon as the bill is paid your post will appear and be made visible.

To book your ad, contact the site administrator, Rosey, at bhuzmail@gmail.com

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