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    Spam Youtube comments

    I'm sure I'm not the only one this is happening to. In the last few months I am getting increasing numbers of 'spam' comments on my Youtube videos. Always about some porn site where you can gets vids of 'hot girls' (I guess weight loss or penis extension would be just as offensive!!). I get an email telling me there is a comment, wait all day to read it (can't youtube at work) and then its crap.

    I have it set up so I approve all comments so they are not getting out there but is there anything I can do? I click 'report spam' but nothing seems to happen and the comment doesn’t disappear (why would you want to keep a spam message?). Ditto 'block user' seems pointless as they just set up another username like kjkhkjh3464. Do you think Youtube actually does anything or I should just stick to removing them and bitching about the state of the world?!


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    Well, the Spam-icon is new, so I guess YouTube decided to do something about the comments.
    Until now I just deleted them.
    I once wanted to report about it, but it's incredibly difficult to directly contact YouTube.

    I hope they will take it further and really do something about those spam comments. They are so annoying.


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    i've been clicking on a lot of "report as spam" buttons too on youtube (not from myself but if i see one under another dancer's clip). it seems that several people need to click it before it dissapears

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    I always click 'report as spam' when I see those dodgy ads or chain posts on dancer's videos. I think that's all you can do.
    I think with YouTube you get what you pay for.

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    they drive me nuts, too. grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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    I received 10 spam comments this morning.....Im going crazy!!,m::
    I first click "block user" then I remove them. But I hope they are going to do something about this, it is really annoying.

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    Why on earth when you type in Belly Dance on YouTube do you get key words alongside the videos of a nasty the poster put them on or what!?

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    I've only recently decided not to even bother removing spam comments on videos because I figure that YouTube will rank it high because there is one extra comment. Although I would still remove abusive comments.


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