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    Istanbul Recommendations?

    Hey all - While I know the good people at Folktours will have lots of plans and suggestions for us all while we're with them, I'd love to hear peoples' recommendations for Istanbul - bars, cafes, galleries, parks, walks, museums to visit (or places to avoid), and especially...costume shopping! Please tell me your favorite places to buy bellydance stuff! Who do you like, what are prices like over there, what's worth it to get there and what's not?

    Also, in all the travel literature on Turkey, I keep reading about the drugged-drink scam, and it's nearly happened to several people I know, most of them male. Do ladies need to be concerned about this, or is it usually aimed at male travelers to rob them? I'm not really worried about it, because everyone I know who's been there has a fine time, and hell - I live in New York. Whatever happens here happens anywhere. Just curious if any Bhuzzers have an opinion to offer on this.

    Venting: Sort of on that subject, even though I've been advised to read the US State Dept. recommendations on traveling there, I have to say that it reads like nothing but fear-mongering...if I only took their advice I think I'd have to live in a freaking bubble! Measles! Mumps! Bombs! Sheesh.

    Anyway...costume dealers: the good, the bad, and the sparkly! Go!

    - Leela

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    The peerless and tireless Meissoun has done it all for you:




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