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    Sun,Sea,Camels,Camps and Carousing March 2010

    Hi List

    This is the annual adventure to another side of Egypt, with Sara Farouk .
    If you are interested please get in touch . 18-25 March 2010

    12 places– only 2 left
    A unique opportunity to enjoy Egypt’s south eastern desert with Sara Farouk and Mahmoud Marai [archaeologist and guide].
    Full board
    All travel in vehicles with air conditioning [except camels]
    Mineral water provided during excursions
    All entertainment included

    Itinerary subject to change [this is Egypt]
    Arrival - Marsa Alam
    Drive 60km to the hotel on the Red Sea
    Dinner in hotel.
    The hotel is few meters from the beach.
    Breakfast by the sea.
    Drive to the beautiful and unique town of Qoseir.
    Qosier is the southern most border of the Arabian tribe the "Maaza"
    Sightseeing in Al Qoseir includes the ancient fort, and port
    Lunch at a local restaurant by the beach. Afternoon relaxing on the beach and/or in the souk.
    Dinner is served while watching the dancing of the Maaza tribe.
    A leisurely morning and breakfast is served as wished.
    Following lunch we drive to Port Ghalib camp into the desert for local Ababda dancers.
    We will form a camel caravan and ride into the heart of the desert, our destination will be to the ancient quarries in the area where a stage has been ‘carved’.
    Dinner is served in a camp by the stage while watching the dancing of the Adabda tribe.
    The Tribal territory of the Ababda tribe stretches to Shalatein in the south, and this tribe is different from the Arabian Mazza with different traditions and dance styles.
    Another lazy morning after the long drive to hotel the night before and following lunch we will set out to visit desert settlements and meet the local women, to learn about their lives, and their traditions.
    At night in hotel there will be a bit of a party where we will be joined by some local dancers.
    Day off with optional trips. All meals in hotel.
    Early start.
    Drive south along the highway to the remote town of Shalateen - the beginning of the Besharein territory [the third tribe of the Eastern Desert]. The Besharein are of Sudanese origin and it will be a unique opportunity to learn about them.
    We will be visiting the camel market in Shalatein -watching camel caravans arriving, bargains stuck and deals being made.
    We shall spend the night in a simple motel in Shalatien and enjoy Sudanese dancing.
    Breakfast will be served in the hotel.
    Drive back towards Marsa Alam.
    Lunch in Wadi Gamal where we will meet local Ababda tribe people.
    After lunch we a camel ride until sunset.
    Dinner is served in the camp of Fustat Wadi Gemal and with some of the best local dancing.
    Return to hotel
    Thursday - Departure

    Price: 550 sterling + air fare [direct flights to Marsa Alam ]
    150 non-refundable deposit on booking
    400 payable on arrival

    Contact: Tracey Gibbs

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    Re: Sun,Sea,Camels,Camps and Carousing March 2010

    bumb or should that be hump....

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    Re: Sun,Sea,Camels,Camps and Carousing March 2010

    All I can say is . . . . I WISH I COULD GO!!! 2010 doesn't look good for any international travel for me but I still keep trying to work the numbers.

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    Re: Sun,Sea,Camels,Camps and Carousing March 2010

    the camels don't have air conditioning?


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