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    what is it like to visit/stay in Turkey?

    My sister is taking off to stay in Izmir for a while, she has invited me to stay with her (she has local friends).

    She's on a plane right now so I can't ask her , but figured a bellydance forum can fill me in on what it's like? Cost of living, things to do, things to be aware of culturally?

    She is in Izmir

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    Re: what is it like to visit/stay in Turkey?

    Feel free to write me with specific questions as I lived and worked as a belly dancer in Turkey (Istanbul and Fehtiye -- I've visited Izmir but don't knot it that well) for 10 years.

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    Re: what is it like to visit/stay in Turkey?

    Same as EliseOasis...

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    Re: what is it like to visit/stay in Turkey?

    Shivan, FYI your message box is full and not accepting messages. I too am interested in more info:Hello! I am going to Istanbul then a bit down South near the Bodrum peninsula in October and haven't settled on places to stay yet. I will be traveling with my husband for vacation but will also be looking at going to bellydance shows or dinner shows, and of course first on the list is going to see Bella for costume buying. If you have any tips for buying things, shipping, things to watch for or watch out for, best mode of travel (we were going to try to get a small local flight down then maybe rent a car one way to get to just outside Istanbul again but I am not sure the wisest place to drop the car off before traveling back into central Istanbul.) I am a belly dancer but also only have about 12 days so wasn't going to try to work necessarily. I truly appreciate any help for a "first timer"

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    Re: what is it like to visit/stay in Turkey?

    Hi Ladies:

    I just came back from Turkey a few weeks ago. It was fantastic and wonderful and completely safe.

    Unfortunately, two days prior to my leaving I got food poisning. I missed the dance show because I got sick the day of the show. I was told by both a private guide and by the hostess of the hotel that belly dance was "only for tourists".

    I missed Bella because when I was in Istanbul it was the three day Ramazan ending holiday. Plus, there was a demonstration going on for a referendum and the streets were packed.

    The places I visited were Kappadokiaya, Ephesus and Istanbul, the old part because I was sick on the day when the newer part was being toured.

    I did get some nice CD's and a DVD, suggested by the guide from my husband who toured the newer part of Istanbul while I stayed in bed in the hotel.

    The Turkish people are wonderful, honest and tourisim is their their main source of income. You will be pestered, but if you say no, you will be left alone.

    I had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to going back sometime in the near future.


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    Re: what is it like to visit/stay in Turkey?

    Hi Girls,

    Me too, I am just back from Turkey, I stayed in kusadasi. I must say it is really save there, I visited all the places by myself (even rented a car and drove alone) and never had any problems. I didn't had any time left to visit Izmir, although I was near to it.
    From Izmir you can visit easily efeses and pamukale (really an imazing place and a must-to-see). I didn't went to any show, because when I asked, they told me it's really the-toursitic kind of belly dance ...... I visited some other places around kusadasi, and last year I've been to Istanbul. so if you want more specific info about places to visit you can mail me....
    It's a great place and I am already planning to go back in a few months.

    Have fun


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    Re: what is it like to visit/stay in Turkey?

    I have on been to Anatalya, Turkey and it was lovely. The people were friendly but a little stand offish until I approached them. In that area there were a large number of street children selling everything from bread, flowers to shoe shines.

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    Re: what is it like to visit/stay in Turkey?

    Aweeee I am glad you gals love Turkey and Turkish people....Thanks :)
    You should definetely visit Izmir, weather kind of like California, nice and warm/mild in winters....cleaner and seaside cities are pretty....from there you can travel to south, I recommend by car or bus tour with guide. Also Istanbul must go and see for museums, cultural events, shows, and Bella :)
    have fun...and let me know!

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