My heart aches when hearing the news regarding the current situation in the Middle East, I was born and raised during the war in Guatemala so I know on my skin what's like to live in an unstable country. Then I emigrated to Canada to lead a very peaceful life and chose to be who I want to be.

From the comfort of my very stable Winnipeg I send my positive energy and prayers to the women, who at the end of the day, are really the pillars of society. They are the ones that will have a warm meal ready and soothe the wounds of the men when they return from demonstrating on the streets.

As i get ready to teach tonight's class, yes an Egyptian style class, I can't help it but break down. Those pretty sparkly things we wear should help remind us where this dance comes from and that, at the very least, we owe our Middle Eastern sisters a prayer, whatever our personal format for praying may be.